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  • Hi everyone it's jennifer  with your two for Tuesday!

  • Two for Tuesday are two words with  different spellings, different meanings,  

  • and they are pronounced exactly the  same way. They are homophones, so again:  

  • spelled differently, different meaningspronounced exactly the same way.

  • So our words today are Sunday the day of the week and sundae an ice cream treat.

  • So to say these words correctly we have two beats 

  • sun and day

  • So let's start with syllable number one: To say sun we're going to start with that s sound:  

  • air moves out of your mouth, your  tongue is not touching anything;  

  • and then, we're going to move to that  short uh sound, that short u, then end  

  • with the n by touching the tip of the tongue to  the back of the top front teeth. Air is going to  

  • move out of the nose for that n. sun sun sun

  • For the second part, for day, again, touch the tip of the tongue to the back of the top  

  • front teeth for that d - the air is going to puff  out, your voice box is on and moving. Then you're  

  • going to open your mouth wide for that A soundAnd when you open your mouth wide the tip of  

  • your tongue is going to be low on your mouth, the  back of your tongue is going to be pulled up: a,  

  • and then you're going to close your  mouth to a smile to finish that vowel.

  • day day day sun day 

  • sun day sunday sunday sunday

  • And I have sun underlined because that is the  syllable that we are going to stress in the word.  

  • That syllable will be louderhigher in pitch, and longer.

  • sunday sunday sunday

  • I do want to just comment that I do hear  some people say sunday for this word  

  • sunday it's a variation I don't hear it very  often, but i do hear it every once in a while.  

  • And sometimes I hear it in a movie so I did want  to comment on that. But again let's practice one  

  • more time our words are sunday sunday sunday

  • And now for a sentence 

  • I plan to enjoy a sundae on Sunday. I plan to enjoy a sundae on Sunday.

  • So give it a try I know people are going  to notice the difference if you found this  

  • helpful I'd love a like a share and a subscribeCheck out our products on google play and iTunes.

  • Have a great week!

Hi everyone it's jennifer  with your two for Tuesday!

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