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  • Hi there. Welcome to Harry's World of Words and Phrases and English in a Minute.

  • Today we're looking at prepositions.

  • And the first preposition we're going to talk to you about is 'about'.

  • So talk about 'about' - 'a-b-o-u-t' - and how do we use it.

  • So, first example of it is about an approximation.

  • So, what time will you be home?

  • 'I'd be home about 10 o'clock.'

  • It doesn't mean exactly at 10 o'clock: It could be a little bit before, or it could be a little bit after.

  • So, 'I will be there about 10 o'clock', so approximately, approximation.

  • Okay, then when we use 'about', we can use it when we're giving specific information about a subject - 'about a subject'

  • So, 'What does this book about?'

  • 'Oh, the book is about a boy who gets lost in the forest.'

  • So, we're giving you specific information on the subject of the book.

  • And then when we're asking questions, for example, you go into an office and you can't see anybody.

  • You might say, 'Is there anybody about?'

  • What this means, is there anybody here that can help me.

  • Okay, and in one final example is when we want to make a suggestion.

  • Okay, 'How about going to the movies tonight?'

  • 'How about having a pizza? '

  • 'How about meeting up with our friends?'

  • So, you're asking a question, but you're also making a suggestion.

  • Ok, so these are ways of using the preposition 'about'.

  • So as always, subscribe to our channel and join us on, and we'll catch up with you soon.

Hi there. Welcome to Harry's World of Words and Phrases and English in a Minute.

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Use of Preposition ABOUT - Prepositions in English

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