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Hey guys, I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking
and welcome to this lesson on "adjective and preposition combinations."
Okay. So first of all, we have to understand what an adjective is.
As a reminder, an adjective is a word that describes something.
They can describe a noun. So when you look at these adjectives or these sentences ,
I want you to just tell me if you can identify the adjectives.
What are the adjectives in these sentences?
So he's not interested
___ writing. Okay, the adjective
is "interested."
Okay, so interested describes this person's state.
He is not interested something writing.
Okay. The other one, I am excited
___ your birthday. "Excited"
Okay. I think you're starting to see the pattern, right?
So Joanna is "afraid."
I think she's "tired." He is "worried."
Mark is "good."
Okay, so these are adjectives, adjectives, adjectives,
and more adjectives. I'll...now in English we often have adjectives combined with prepositions
to create an expression or a small phrase, and we can follow these
prepositions with either a gerund, which is an "ING,"
a noun, or a verb acting like a noun
or just a noun in general. So you notice
writing, your birthday, failing,
trying, his test, cooking
Okay, so we have some gerunds and we have some nouns.
Now before this we have to understand which prepositions
are commonly put with these adjectives. So in the first sentence he's not
___ writing. So think of as many prepositions as you can. You have "at, on, in."
"You have "about, around, by, with"
Tons and tons and tons of possibilities.
So what you have to know is okay which preposition always goes with this adjective.
So the first one maybe you know this: He's not interested
"in" writing. I'm not interested in doing something.
The second one: I am excited ___
your birthday. Hey you're excited "about" something usually.
I'm excited about your birthday.
You can also say I am excited
" for" your birthday. But the most common preposition here after excited is,
you are usually excited "about" something.
So you can be excited about a person's birthday.
you can be excited about your vacation.
you can be excited about doing something this weekend with your friends.
Okay, next one: Joanna is afraid
___ failing. Afraid is commonly followed by
She is afraid "of" failing. She does not want to fail.
It's similar to saying scared "of" and so Joanna is scared of failing,
afraid of failing. She does not want to fail. The next one:
I think she's tired ___ trying. So she has been trying and trying and trying
again and again.
And now she has grown tired "of" it.
So far we have "in, about
of, of." Let's do another one:
He's worried ___ his test.
Now if I say, he's worried
"for" his test. What do you think the meaning of that is?
It's possible to say he's worried "for," but
in this situation, if you say he's worried "for" his test,
it means that,you know, his... his test is like
a person kinda thing. His test has feelings
and maybe his test is depressed, so he's worried
for his test that his test is gonna cry or something.
So here, he is worried "about," alright?
He's worried "about" his test, about his score. And the last one:
Mark is good ___ cooking. Mark is good
Okay, this is a really really common expression.
It means you have ability in something okay
so if you have good ability, you are good "at" something.
So Mark is good at cooking. Mark is great
at cooking, excellent at cooking.
If you want to do the opposite, you can say
a person is "bad at" something, or "terrible
at" something, "awful at" something,
horrible at something. Okay so
guys these expressions are really really important and
the prepositions, please please please please
remember the correct prepositions that you have to use after these adjectives.
Because if you use a different preposition, it will not make sense.
Okay so if you want to test your understanding of
these expressions, these adjective preposition combinations,
just check out the quiz on engVid.com. Good luck guys. Take care.
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Adjective & Preposition Combinations (English Grammar)

107298 Folder Collection
Tong-Ann Sytwu published on August 15, 2014    沈家后 translated    少少 reviewed
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