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We welcome you back to the 8th annual NBA Development League All Star Game presented
by Kumho Tire. We're at NBA All Star Jam Session at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.
We're courtside. Rick Kamla, Dennis Scott and Brent Barry at the half.
It's The Futures over the Prospects, 72 63. The Futures have never trailed in this game.
Let's talk first half MVP and look ahead to maybe the MVP of this game. Arinze Onuaku
has 14 points to lead all scorers, Devin Ebanks has 12, Daniels has 12. Who would you say
is in the lead for MVP? DENNIS SCOTT: Well, Onuaku comes to mind because
of the big steal at half court. Like to see big guys out there. Got the most points in
rebounding right now is my front runner, the big fella.
BRENT BARRY: Onuaku and Justin Hamilton, the two big guys. What is going on with the NBA
and D League All Star Games. Every big guy is winning the awards. We've got DeAndre Drummond
last night dominating. These two guys putting on a show. Before we talk about Manny Harris
and Jackson, these guys are going to be awesome. The big guys are taking over. Quit Bullying
the little guys, big guys. RICK KAMLA: They're taking over.
DENNIS SCOTT: Hamilton shooting threes. You would think the guards would take over this
game because most All Star Games you get out and show your athleticism, but the big fellas
said don't forget about us tonight. RICK KAMLA: By the way, Andre is still trying
to put the trophy back together. Congratulations, Andre for the 30 25 performance in the Rising
Stars Challenge Friday night. Coming up, it is NBA Development League Dream Factory presented
by Boost Mobile, and yes, the Dunk Contest. Here are the rules. Two dunks in the first
round. The judges give you 6 to 10 points. Two players with the highest Composite scores
move on to round two. At that point the player with the highest combined score in round two
will be crowned the Boost Mobile NBA Development League Slam Dunk Contest champion.
Tony Mitchell won it last year. He's back to defend his title, and he can really get
off the floor. BRENT BARRY: He did put on a show for us last
year, 3 D. Had a Virginia rite of dunks, some off the bounce, some off the throw. The one
that came from the stands. We'll see if he does something creative to repeat, because
you don't want to repeat yourself, but you want to take that trophy back home, if you
can. DENNIS SCOTT: As a champion, how long does
it take you. BRENT BARRY: That's very nice of you, 3 D.
DENNIS SCOTT: How long does it take to get loose though because these guys weren't playing.
BRENT BARRY: Not too long, not too long. RICK KAMLA: Bones loves the Slam Dunk Contest
questions. Let's get it on to Barry Tom for the player introduction.
>> The NBA D League slam dunk judges. Winner of the NBA D League Dream Factory sweepstakes
presented by Boost Mobile, Jessica Colon. Four time NBA All Star and 12 year veteran
of the Nets, Kings and Celtics, Otis birdsong. He's the father of the 2014 All Star starter
and an NBA D League All Star, one of the greatest shooters in Charlotte Hornets history, Dell
Curry. Former player in the NBA D League, getting ready to call up, led the San Antonio
Spurs to last year's NBA Finals, No. 4, Danny Green. He's a 6'9" NBA All Star, and basketball
Hall of Famer, get off your tracks for the A train, Artis Gilmore. Ladies and gentlemen,
your 2014 Boost Mobile NBA D League Slam Dunk Contestants. From the Delaware 87ers, Thanasis
Antetokounmpo, representing the BayHawks, Darren White, the Reno Big Horns very own
Ra'Shad James, and defending Boost Mobile NBA D League dunk champion of the Ft. Wayne
Mad Ants, Tony Mitchell. Let's hear it for our dunkers.
Our dunk order for the first two rounds has been determined alphabetically, that means
Thanasis will be first to go. RICK KAMLA: Coming up, the Boost Mobile Slam
Dunk Contest. I got a kick out of Thanasis Antetokounmpo, with Greek Freak Nation.
DENNIS SCOTT: Talking about not being able to see this man play that much. See him jump
to the moon and see what he has. It will be fun to see.
RICK KAMLA: It's cool. Lot of the players in the All Star Game have come out of the
locker room. They want to watch the Dunk Contest. There is Thanasis. I love it. They call Giannis,
his brother, the alphabet. Let's see if we can come up with a nickname for Thanasis after
what we see him do here this afternoon. He is the older brother of Giannis and he will
be draft eligible in 2014. BRENT BARRY: Not being quite warmed up, it
shouldn't take you long, but saw something very similar to that last night in the Rising
Stars game with Tim Hardaway Jr. who threw down the reverse, rocking the ball from right
to left. The judges not super thrilled with the first one, Rick.
RICK KAMLA: No, and on the left side there, you have Jessica Colon who won a fan contest
to get involved as a judge. DENNIS SCOTT: Little Rock, little over the
head. Not bad for a warm up. RICK KAMLA: Each player gets 60 seconds to
show what they can do. Good to see Artis Gilmore, the Hall of Famer over there, one of the judges,
the A train. DENNIS SCOTT: Do not shake his hand. He still
has the claw. This is Darren White of the Erie BayHawks. First season in the NBA Development
League. BRENT BARRY: This is where the new format
tonight will kick in. We'll not be worried about guys missing and having to repeat a
dunk. They'll just keep coming at you. DENNIS SCOTT: Think the time messes with you,
Brent, that you have to get this in in the timeframe?
BRENT BARRY: Yeah, because you're getting nervous you can't get the one down that you
want to. But it doesn't affect the score. Okay, you try it several times and you take
a point or two away. DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, my goodness.
BRENT BARRY: He got it! He got it! DENNIS SCOTT: Whoa, whoa! Definitely better
than the first dunk by Antetokounmpo and Artis Gilmore gives him a 10. A couple of 9s and
two 8s. 8s. How do you give that an 8, Bones? RICK KAMLA: You're calling me a tough job.
You better go talk to Otis bird song. He came in like a wrecking ball.
BRENT BARRY: That is a Miley Cyrus record. DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, sir. I knew right where
you were going. BRENT BARRY: I didn't think her name was going
to come up. I'm a little disappointed. DENNIS SCOTT: That is nice.
RICK KAMLA: Bones, how would you describe that dunk right there?
BRENT BARRY: I would say it was flat out awesome. Then I think he was trying to do it, 3 D,
with the toss. With the toss to get up, catch it at its apex and bring it around. But that
was nice. Nice. Where's this coming from, 3 D?
DENNIS SCOTT: Out of the stands like last year.
BRENT BARRY: Deep, deep, way up in the corner. DENNIS SCOTT: I have my video camera on, Tony.
BRENT BARRY: On the sidelines behind the players bench. That's a good 40 feet away from the
court. Is that Ron Howard up there? DENNIS SCOTT: That's Ron Howard.
RICK KAMLA: All right, Ron Howard is Tony Mitchell's teammate on the Ft. Wayne Mad Ants,
they've started the clock already. I think they're going to reset the clock. The P A
guy on the floor is just calling the shots out here. Doing a great job of staying in
charge, and here it is. Ron Howard. That's a good toss. Oh! Very close. I tell you what,
the toss from Ron Howard down was better than the toss that went back up from Tony Mitchell.
Put a little too much spin on that one. DENNIS SCOTT: That is the toughest part of
this one. He's got another ball. So we've rotated a second ball in. Down to 39 seconds
oh! He almost got it. BRENT BARRY: Now this pressure is on Ron Howard.
It takes it away from Tony, and Ron Howard has to make the pass.
RICK KAMLA: Tony did this last year to help him win this contest. Do you like that he's
doing it again? BRENT BARRY: I do like, Rick, that he brought
it out again, because this is a whole different fan group that might not have seen last year's
D League All Star Game. But Ron Howard, good on you, mate. Great pass from up there. But
pressure on. So three 9s and two 10s. But was that more impressive than the dunk we
saw by Darren White? DENNIS SCOTT: No, it wasn't. I think sometimes
we get caught up because the pass is coming out of the stands and you give the guy the
extra point. The creativity, the torquing, the twisting and turning.
BRENT BARRY: Did you say twerking? DENNIS SCOTT: Twerking.
BRENT BARRY: That is got to be the first time that's ever been brought to basketball.
DENNIS SCOTT: Tony Mitchell gets a 47. And Darren White had 44.
BRENT BARRY: Now here's the little man, Rick camera.
RICK KAMLA: This is Ra'Shad James. DENNIS SCOTT: This is where the little guy
jumps so high off the ground it makes it even more impressive. Oh, there you go! Yes, sir!
Okay. Yes, sir. He's mobbed. BRENT BARRY: You don't need to have us tell
you how good the dunk was because you see the reaction from the teammates. That was
awesome. Here's another look at Ra'Shad James. DENNIS SCOTT: Uh huh. He didn't dunk that.
He punched the ball through the rim. BRENT BARRY: If you look at it again where
it is he's taking off from off of two feet, just outside of the dotted line. That is a
long way to travel off of two legs to get to the rim. Then he's catching and windmilling
a fantastic finish there by Ra'Shad. RICK KAMLA: 6'1", 195. Went to north wood
college in Florida. And he gets a 50. 10s across the board for James.
DENNIS SCOTT: The question is what else do you have in your bag to match that or do better?
The judges had to give him that one. RICK KAMLA: The fan, Jessica Colon was a little
late. Was she looking over to give it a 10? BRENT BARRY: Jessica looks like she's in 7th
grade in a math test looking at everybody else's answers. You guys know what you're
talking about. All right, dunk number two for Thanasis. He's getting help from his brother,
Giannis. This is the Greek Freak Nation right here. This is when you want your younger brother
to not be taller than you are. DENNIS SCOTT: Exactly. And Giannis is probably
thinking, Yo, don't hurt me. RICK KAMLA: Thanasis over Giannis. Oh! Oh,
a little dance, little dance. There you see it on his shirt. Greek Freak Nation.
ReplaceName4: So far three 8s. 48s and a 9. Hmm. Do you agree, Bones?
BRENT BARRY: It's a little harsh. He's up over his brother. Used him as a stepping stone
there, a little as a ladder. Getting that hand plant 3 D. Still a pretty sweet dunk.
DENNIS SCOTT: Still sweet. Maybe the hand lifted it up a little bit. But last time I
checked, he's 7 foot. RICK KAMLA: Here we go. This is Darren White,
dunk number two for him. That is Troy Daniels. Troy Daniels looks very nervous. White telling
him keep it behind your head a little bit more. Catches it and reverse clutches it home.
That was nice. DENNIS SCOTT: That was nice right there. Take
the ball off the hand, double pump, two hands. Oh, ball down to the knee area, Brent. That's
kind of nice there. BRENT BARRY: That is pretty sweet. The other
thing that is difficult, 3 D in dunking, and don't quote me on this, because I'm not an
expert. But if you go without the ball, it's hard to establish your rhythm. If you have
the ball, it kind of helps you get to where you need to go. Grabbing it out of the middle
like that is a little more difficult. You see the height. Great finish as he's able
to glide and get that reverse to go. RICK KAMLA: Darren White got a 10 from Hall
of Famer Artis Gilmore on that dunk. So his first run score is a composite 90.
BRENT BARRY: Do you think it would be cool if they put half point cards for the judges?
Give you just a little bit? If you thought it was more than an eight, you give it an
eight and a half? Good idea. DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, the head stand. How nervous
is he? BRENT BARRY: He better hurry up before that
kid falls over. RICK KAMLA: Seriously. He's getting a little
wobbly out there. See, you got to hurry up. Clock is running.
BRENT BARRY: I guarantee one of the guys has to go over there and help that kid stabilize
himself. It's going to happen. One of the D League guys. Here they come, see. They're
starting to come over. RICK KAMLA: See, it's the floor P A guys.
BRENT BARRY: There you go. It's like holding the ball before the kickoff. Tony Mitchell.
Okay. They reset the clock. He's still plus 50 seconds. DeAndre Liggins has a look on
his face like what the heck? Tony Mitchell jumps through the legs of a fan.
DENNIS SCOTT: And they pick him up. They pick the young man up.
RICK KAMLA: Representing presumably his favorite player, Kevin Durant.
BRENT BARRY: Little dangerous for Tony Mitchell. He's going to get clipped here, watch. It
was tough for him to get that finish to go through clean. Might take points off for not
being clean. But he's looking down. Worried. DENNIS SCOTT: Make sure he didn't hit the
little fella. BRENT BARRY: Impressive dunk. So the defending
champion, Tony Mitchell with a laugh, and a Composite first round score of 92. So that
is better than Darren White. RICK KAMLA: There he is.
BRENT BARRY: I'm a little surprised that Mitchell is ahead of white at this point.
DENNIS SCOTT: You called it. Look at the team. Look at every guy around there, supporting
and watching. That's how you know something good is coming.
BRENT BARRY: Ra'Shad has something that he's going to put on the floor marking where it
is he's going to take off or? Something. Outside the Lane. That's a long way to travel.
RICK KAMLA: All right, Ra'Shad James, very entertaining with his first dunk, and we are
intrigued. BRENT BARRY: Now if he can do this with two
feet. DENNIS SCOTT: He's going to take off running.
You've got to do the second half by yourself. We're done. We're done.
RICK KAMLA: The first dunk was off two legs. Some guys are great off two feet, and some
guys are gliders. Now if he does this with two feet, that would be impressive. But if
he shows the glide, wow. He's got them both. I had a feeling he was going two. That is
way out there. DENNIS SCOTT: Goodness gracious, just the
fact that he's trying this shot. RICK KAMLA: He actually jumped before the
tape Mark. Ra'Shad James, again mobbed by the D League All Stars. He looks like he hits
his Mark. DENNIS SCOTT: He does. I think the first foot
may have been over a little bit. But the back foot is definitely behind the Mark.
BRENT BARRY: Artis Gilmore and Dell Curry not giving him 10s. You called it, 3 D. He's
well within it. DENNIS SCOTT: The back leg is on the Mark.
BRENT BARRY: The kids are trying to win the race, and you say everybody behind the line,
and they put one foot behind the line. No, no, both feet behind the line.
DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, still impressive though. Still very impressive.
BRENT BARRY: Did that remind you of Steve Francis a little bit? Composite first round
score, 98. Kind of that lean in window style. RICK KAMLA: All right, so Ra'Shad James is
moving on to round two with the defending champion, Tony Mitchell, and I wonder if Tony
Mitchell is going to get more creative here in round 2. So it's James against Mitchell
in the Boost Mobile NBA Development League Slam Dunk Contest coming up.
Dream Factory presented by Boost Mobile, part of 2014 All Star Weekend. We're at halftime
of the 2014 D League All Star Game, and getting set for the finals of the Slam Dunk Contest,
Ra'Shad James. Trying to take the title away from last year's champ, Tony Mitchell. All
right, Tony. How many dunks did you come in here with planned.
>> I just made up two when I was on the plane coming over here.
>> Well, looks like you need a third. >> Looks like I might need a fourth. I need
about five dunks compared to what he's doing. I don't know. I might have something left
up the sleeve. I don't know. I'm still thinking. >> Ra'Shad, do you want to push the tape back
any further or what are you thinking here? PLAYER: Anything to get the crowd involved,
I might have to push it back further. >> Do you think you should get some extra
points because you're not as tall as this guy?
PLAYER: Maybe. The crowd usually favors the guy that's shorter anyway. So we'll see what
happens. >> Ra'Shad James and Tony Mitchell, the finals
of the 2014 Slam Dunk Contest. Barry Tom, the public address announcer will take us
through the final round here. RICK KAMLA: All right, Jared, thank you very
much. So interesting, Tony Mitchell, last year's champion coming back to defend his
title came up with a couple of dunks on the plane, and still thinking, as we speak, about
perhaps his fourth dunk. DENNIS SCOTT: Well, I'm going to coach my
partner on this one. Only thing I've dunked is powdered donuts in the morning. Partner;
is that true? You get your last dunk on the flight on the way to the event?
BRENT BARRY: Inspiration comes in all sorts of ways. I would think though before that
he knows he's got to do something that he didn't do last year. You made mention of it,
Rick, he repeated that first dunk that came from Ron Howard in the stands. We did seize
that last year. The last one he finished off last year, he brought out something to jump
over to get the victory. So I think he does need to bring out something new, because I'm
going to tell you what, that guy there, No. 10, Ra'Shad James, he's coming for him.
DENNIS SCOTT: RICK KAMLA: I don't mean to be critical. But
jumping over a little boy is not like jumping over a Kia Optima.
DENNIS SCOTT: Good point. Or jumping over a seven footer.
BRENT BARRY: I was going to say. Your younger brother who is seven feet and growing. Somewhere
Blake Griffin is smiling. RICK KAMLA: So it will be Ra'Shad James and
Tony Mitchell for the Boost Mobile NBA Development League slam dunk championship. Tone eye Mitchell
will dunk first. He's got Ron Howard helping him out once again.
BRENT BARRY: He did this last year, didn't he? Throwing it off the side of the backboard?
He's going through the legs JR Ryder style. DENNIS SCOTT: He's going off the dribble,
this year he's taking the pass and going through the legs. Oh. So two dunks missed so far for
Mitchell. Under 40 seconds on the clock. BRENT BARRY: He got it that time.
DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, nice. BRENT BARRY: Just messing around, Bones. I
just really hope there is an ace up the sleeve for him in the last round.
DENNIS SCOTT: Wow. Very generous scores. BRENT BARRY: I agree. Very generous. Artis
sticking with the 9. Oh, a 49 for Tony Mitchell. I thought that might settle somewhere at 45
to give room for Ra'Shad. Still a sweet dunk. Through the legs, finishing off the pass.
Ron Howard's steak dinner. Two good passes in the Dunk Contest for him. Now Ra'Shad's
going to bring out some help. Great reaction. Looked like he's taking a page out of Tony
Mitchell's book. Pass is coming out of the stands. We'll see what kind of highlight Ra'Shad
James can offer up here. He's suddenly in a hole, guys with Mitchell posting a 49 in
that first dunk, and James is getting help from a player in the stands.
This one is coming from the complete opposite side. Ron Howard had the left side of the
stands covered. Now Ra'Shad wants this pass from his right.
RICK KAMLA: James got way up there to catch that ball.
BRENT BARRY: May have to call in the guys from dude perfect to throw in some of those
passes. Oh, that would have brought the house down. Boy, Ra'Shad James is definitely the
most popular of these two dunkers attempt No. Three. Didn't like that pass at all.
RICK KAMLA: It's all on the passer. BRENT BARRY: See if this one gets the job
done. He's got two more chances at it here. They have a rack up in the stands. I love
it. Oh, that's right on the nose. Yes, sir, Ra'Shad
James and a salute to the passer. RICK KAMLA: Here's my question to you, Rick.
Why don't you call Dee Bost? He's leading the league in assists. Why don't you get him
up there? Oh, it's 49s. Dell Curry went with only a 9. We are tied after the first dunk.
BRENT BARRY: 3 D, I think Ra'Shad would have loved that ball somewhere in the middle of
the Lane. Like the first pass he got, that he turned down, which by the way, he hung
up and had a cup of coffee before he came down. I think he wanted that pass further
out so he could have really hung up there to complete the dunk.
DENNIS SCOTT: Two creams and two Sugars while he was up there too.
BRENT BARRY: Might have sent it back. DENNIS SCOTT: Right.
BRENT BARRY: All right, 49. I like this. One dunk.
RICK KAMLA: One dunk to go. Tied at 49. Now, Tony Mitchell, interviewed by Jared Greenberg
three minutes ago said he's still thinking about this dunk and what he's going to do.
So this is on the fly dunking by Tony Mitchell. BRENT BARRY: And Ron Howard is being employed
again as the passer. So Mo Charlo, by the way, was the passer to Ra'Shad James.
DENNIS SCOTT: Next year there will be another table for them to start getting the passes.
The pass has to be perfect for the dunk to come off now it seems that way.
BRENT BARRY: Here's the thing, 3 D, we've seen this dunk done a couple different ways.
Tony Mitchell on the left side, Ra'Shad on the right side. It doesn't come down to the
dunker, per se. It comes down to the toss. So if the toss is somewhere around the rim,
whoever it is that's dunking the ball is just throwing it in to get points on the board.
It becomes less about the dunker and more about who is throwing the pass. That's really,
as creative as the dunk is, I don't think you want to go back to that.
DENNIS SCOTT: I agree. This is fun, but if you keep using it each round, I think it takes
some of the excitement away from it. RICK KAMLA: Is this something we might see
in the Sprite slam dunk on State farm All Star Saturday night?
BRENT BARRY: I'm going to go back to the freestyle round tonight will have everybody saying this
is great for the Dunk Contest. This is an awesome idea to have these heats and waves
of dunkers because it takes away all the time between misses and bad throws. Man, the guy
is coming right behind you. Tonight is going to be great for the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.
Tonight's performance is going to be great for the NBA. I'd like to stay away from things
like this, but we'll see if Tony Mitchell can come through I mean, Howard from way,
way out. He's not even in the stands. He's down there on the stairs or something, almost
out of the arena we're in. A completely blind toss from Ron Howard. Again,
Dee Bost is not involved. Here's another pass, this one looks.
DENNIS SCOTT: There it is. Go get it, Tony. Go get it, Tony. Oh, my goodness. Are you
kidding me, people? Are you kidding me? The ball bounces perfect right there by the dotted
line, one hand and Jam. Yes, we are. BRENT BARRY: Half these guys better run over
to Ron Howard. It comes down to the fan, Jessica Colon. 9 or a 10, what is it? Jessica, make
up your mind. It's a 10. A 50 for Tony Mitchell. DENNIS SCOTT: Wow. I guess all they can do
now Brent is go to the rafters. BRENT BARRY: I can't wait till this pass comes
from the outside. DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, my goodness. I've got to
be honest. As impressive as Ra'Shad James has been, that is going to be tough to beat.
RICK KAMLA: Tony Mitchell, trying to go back to back. Slam dunk champ here in the D League.
A pass by Ron Howard, by the way. BRENT BARRY: Yeah, 25 of those points belong
to him. DENNIS SCOTT: Yes.
RICK KAMLA: Well, for a last minute dunk idea, that was pretty good.
DENNIS SCOTT: That was really good. Hey, Ron, go get me a bottle of water by the
refreshment stand. And while our out there, throw me a pass. So Tony Mitchell last year
jumped over the Boost Mobile Dream Factory signage. Now is this far enough out to make
it impressive enough to make it a 50? BRENT BARRY: He's going off both of them puppies,
3 D. He's going to jump off of two feet to glide over that. To see him glide that far
off of two feet leaning over that signage could be impressive. Wow.
RICK KAMLA: So if he goes 50 here, presumably we'd have a bonus dunk. I'm not sure it would
be two, maybe just one. But here goes Ra'Shad James. Clock is running on him. Oh, just short.
It's not like his first dunk, getting off two feet. But the sign in there adds a little
pizazz to it. But that's what he wants to do. Missed that one as well.
DENNIS SCOTT: This is vertical, people. This is not one foot. This is going off two feet
from the dotted line. This is windmill. Oh! Better than Mitchell though. Is it better
than Tony Mitchell's 50? BRENT BARRY: The dunk wasn't as clean. Oh,
what are we doing? Playing with the emotions. The upside down 10.
DENNIS SCOTT: Is he giving it a 1 or a 10? There it is. We've got a dunk off.
RICK KAMLA: 50 for Ra'Shad James to match the 50 of Tony Mitchell.
BRENT BARRY: I think that's fair. DENNIS SCOTT: I agree. This man is going off
two feet. He's way behind the dotted line. I understand Tony Mitchell is the blind pass,
which is great. You've got to catch it with one hand. This is two feet, windmill, in the
air. Whoa! BRENT BARRY: And inside. Just go outside and
stand where it is he jumped from. DENNIS SCOTT: Most people would tear their
ACL if he tried to do that. BRENT BARRY: My Achilles is bothering me already.
DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, man. BRENT BARRY: All right. So one more for Ra'Shad
James and Tony Mitchell. RICK KAMLA: If he was having trouble coming
up with dunks before. He's got to come up with something really special for his fifth.
The pass to himself. DENNIS SCOTT: Oh.
BRENT BARRY: That's pretty sweet. RICK KAMLA: Again, just messing around, might
have gotten a 50 out of that. DENNIS SCOTT: It seems they're getting looser
and looser as we get deeper into these rounds. He was really elevating on that play there.
BRENT BARRY: Can't wait for this ten minute second half we're going to play. He's got
to leave room. Okay. 9, 9 from D League alum Danny Green.
I give Danny Green some credit. I've got to leave room.
DENNIS SCOTT: They're bringing the Mark back out. Great pass. Just how he got enough room
to look first. Oh, my goodness. He looks at the rim and then says, hey, rim.
RICK KAMLA: That's what made that dunk special. Otherwise it's just a dunk.
DENNIS SCOTT: Just took a second to look at the rim.
RICK KAMLA: All right, Ra'Shad James. What do you have for us?
BRENT BARRY: Oh, he's jumping over Mo Charlo. Can a guy like that after he jumps, can he
get tired? DENNIS SCOTT: He can. Oh, I liked that one.
RICK KAMLA: So dunk attempt number two, James got it home jumping over Mo Charlo, but did
it beat Tony Mitchell's 49? BRENT BARRY: If I had to judge this one, I'm
thinking he's going to fall short. Otis bird song switches his 8 to a 10. Danny Green going
9, Dell Curry going 9. Tony Mitchell is your back to back Boost Mobile NBA Development
League slam dunk champion. DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, man, that's tough.
BRENT BARRY: I tell you what, Ra'Shad James, Tony Mitchell, thank you. You guys put on
a great dunk display and great show for the fans here at the fan Jam.
RICK KAMLA: We talk about this all the time. This is one of the highlights of the All Star
Weekend. The highlight, and the Dunk Contest at halftime. Spread the word basketball fans,
this is an exhilarating event. Tony Mitchell, your back to back slam dunk champion in the
NBA Development League.
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2014 NBA D-League Slam Dunk Contest presented by Boost Mobile

8205 Folder Collection
洪宇謙 published on August 15, 2014
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  1. UrbanDictionary 俚語字典整合查詢。一般字典查詢不到你滿意的解譯,不妨使用「俚語字典」,或許會讓你有滿意的答案喔