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  • by my own eyes.

  • Tribute.

  • I walked with him.

  • He spoke to me.

  • It's unbelievable but it is so and conjure him up right now.

  • Well show me the body he must have shed like a snake skin.

  • God is not at my beck and call God.

  • Yeah.

  • Where manifests himself through a crazy poor dead jew.

  • What?

  • So it appears.

  • What does this rebirth mean?

  • But eternal life.

  • But for everyone everyone who believes marvelous recruiting tool.

  • Yeah.

  • Much better than salt.

  • How many are you?

  • Well we are few for now and our only weapon is love.

  • But this well this changes everything.

  • What are your intentions?

  • That why do you feel him sir?

  • This empire means nothing to him.

  • Render unto caesar.

  • What is caesar's?

  • That's what he taught us.

  • What if I ordered your crucifixion?

  • What I would happily submit to strike.

  • Yeah.

  • Never watched a man increases safe.

  • No.

  • No I don't remember seeing you there probably because you ran.

  • Didn't you?

  • Should I tell you what you missed?

  • Feel it?

  • Imagine having this driven through your arms and then the same driven through your feet, Your feet.

  • Can you imagine it?

  • That's what you hang from nails rubbing on bone.

  • You have to decide what's worse.

  • The agony here.

  • Yeah, Yeah.

  • Or here and choose which torture.

  • Your own weight will inflict constantly.

  • And then you discover you can't breathe and you realize you will never breathe easily again and that every breath for the rest of your horrific life will be like sucking through wet cloth.

  • Yes, you was lucky he only hung like that for hours supposed take days gasping for someone to kill them.

  • And if he still felt anything at the end, he surely felt the spear thrust up under his ribs to pierce his heart and lungs.

  • I didn't watch closely, but they must have had the break bones getting him down.

  • Sometimes they bury them.

  • You know, still in enough, wow, let's not speak any more of his body.

  • Must be hideous to look upon by now.

  • But I ask you one last time, where are the other disciples?

  • I will not ask again.

  • Tell me and you're free.

  • Give your word.

  • I was.

  • Where are they?

  • Yeah, everywhere.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

by my own eyes.

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