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  • Hello! Jennifer from Tarle  Speech with your Two for Tuesday!

  • Our words today are earn - to obtain money

  • and urn - a tall round vase with a base and a lid.

  • So earn and urn are  

  • homophones - homophones are two words that are  spelled differently and have different meanings  

  • but they are pronounced exactly the same way. So  these words are pronounced exactly the same way.

  • So to say these words correctly we only have two  little sounds we're going to start with the er  

  • sound. The American er I like to describe as  long and strong. You can make that with square  

  • tensed lips you do not want to puckerIf you pucker it'll sound more like a w.  

  • So square tense lips and the tip of  your tongue can either be pointed down  

  • or flipped back. It never touches your  teeth for the r sounds and the back of  

  • your tongue is going to be pulled up high  towards the roof of your mouth. er er er

  • Now you need to move the tip of your tongue to  the back of the top front teeth and the air is  

  • going to shift from coming out of your mouth  for the er to out of your nose for the er.

  • er n earn

  • earn earn earn earn earn earn earn

  • You need to earn more money in order  to afford to buy the expensive urn.

  • Give it a try I hope people notice the difference!

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  • All the best everyone take care!

Hello! Jennifer from Tarle  Speech with your Two for Tuesday!

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How to Pronounce EARN & URN - American English Homophones Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/08/03
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