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  • Hi, I'm Jason Sudeikis.

  • I've lost.

  • Sorry, I'm anne Hathaway and we're here to do the wired auto complete interview between the two of us.

  • We know all the words.

  • Okay.

  • I really need to wake up.

  • People are watching this for the internet.

  • Okay, So the first one what anne Hathaway real name, Anne Hathaway real name is anne whenever anybody calls me and I just, I don't know, I feel like they're mad at me get that.

  • What is anne Hathaway face shape, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong shape.

  • What does anne Hathaway eat?

  • Mom, I eat what my kid eats.

  • What did anne Hathaway win an Oscar for what is?

  • And Hathaway like in real life?

  • Fine, fine.

  • Like this was not as bright of lights.

  • What is anne Hathaway poem about?

  • Is this a Shakespeare reference because anne Hathaway with Shakespeare's wife?

  • Your folks, they did, they did.

  • I wasn't supposed to be on Hathaway.

  • I was going to be Catherine Hathaway, which I'm very relieved that I wasn't because Catherine Hathaway just get something.

  • What does anne Hathaway look like now?

  • A little tired, so like a little wilted but also like she has people who do her hair.

  • Okay.

  • Does, does Jason Sudeikis smoke weed?

  • Sure you just went down.

  • I was like, it's gonna be a funny one when it's when it's when it's legal, when for medicinal purposes.

  • Does Jason today's have the virus?

  • The weed, smoking virus?

  • Yeah, that's why I have to smoke it.

  • Jason's play drums.

  • Yes, but not well what does Jason today is look like like this?

  • Occasionally not a beard, but more and more or less like this.

  • What does the voice Cleveland show?

  • I was a couple voices on there.

  • Really?

  • Yeah, I really thought I knew you better than I apparently do.

  • This is why the internet is a good thing.

Hi, I'm Jason Sudeikis.

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