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  • jake.

  • What are you eating?

  • Mhm.

  • Every time we've logged you fill out that it wasn't china, it looks Jacob.

  • You barely touched your rice.

  • My turn.

  • Yeah.

  • Wait, we have white shirts.

  • Did you know this is just uh It's all right.

  • Give me a small review of this chinese place.

  • Sure.

  • Working currently at the chinese place, it's really good, dumplings are really good.

  • Meat is really good.

  • Good quality is really good.

  • The rice is really good.

  • You know what they say when the Mississippi is good.

  • Everything is good, sadly.

  • They did not have miso soup in that restaurant, the chinese restaurant.

  • And they always japanese.

  • Yeah, there you go.

  • A pinch with meet you don't fucking bubbles for me because I'm sensitive to bubbles.

  • Okay.

  • Okay.

  • Is it are you so full to?

  • I'm barely full.

  • Really starting to be quite full, but we're rolling.

  • I'm gonna eat until my stomach and intestines explode.

  • It's raffi is deleted scenes.

  • They're unappealing clips to the human eye, unused clips.

  • Not good enough for the blogs.

  • Its rapids, deleted scenes more on Patreon.

  • Hey yo!

  • Welcome to the raffia block.

  • I usually don't record on my phone, but this is a special occasion.

  • Look at them taking pictures of the famous rock castle right there, sneakers.

  • Okay.

  • You want to start?

  • Should I start?

  • Yes.

  • Do you know how the album is called your opinion on the new tellers album?

  • What's your opinion?

  • But what's your, what's your, So do I like the new Tyler, the creator album?

  • Yeah, I love it.

  • My girlfriend is toxic and abusive.

  • What are they seeing her eggs?

  • Jacob Blink three times if they need help.

  • There's like 18 times.

  • What can you come?

  • So how'd you like the Tyler creator album?

  • I really did like it.

  • Uh I feel like the new title, I liked it.

  • I know it's hard to be authentic for me in front of the camera.

  • Youtuber.

  • A lot of people in the comments were asking me um how is this thing called?

  • It's actually called narrator Maki and it's made from well duh from Naruto and Maki from jei juice.

  • Ok, sam if we get diarrhea from this, then you know it was authentic chinese food.

  • If you went to a chinese restaurant and the food was good.

  • It's not good chinese food.

  • Yeah, exactly.


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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/07/24
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