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  • In this lesson, we are going  to focus on past simple.

  • Past simple is used to talk  about finished actions.

  • For regular verb forms we use 'ed' to describe the past tense.

  • For example: 'I walk to schoolbecomes 'Yesterday, I "walked" to school.'

  • Most of the very common verbs are irregular, so it's important that we know these.

  • Have/had, do/did , say/said, go/went , give/gave, get/got, make/made.

  • Know/knew, is/was , am/was , are/were.

  • For example: 'I usually "eat" lunch in the kitchen.'

  • 'Yesterday I "ate" lunch at the park.'

  • In Episode 2 of 'Fortune Blue', Daniel  and Jimmy talk about the past.

  • They use the verbs 'give', 'get' and 'take'.

  • Do you know the past form for these three verbs?

  • -I got desperate and low on information.

  • -You gave them empty files.

  • -And took their money.

  • Let's check the answers.

  • -I 'got' desperate and low on information.

  • -You 'gave' them empty files.

  • -And 'took' their money.

  • So, were you correct?

  • As a final activity, let's look at some of the most common verb forms.

  • Do you know all of them?

  • think/thought.

  • come/came.

  • tell/told.

  • leave/left.

  • put/put.

  • talk/talked.

  • find/found.

  • hear/heard.

  • show/showed.

  • write/wrote.

  • Remember, past simple is used  to talk about finished actions.

  • I hope you enjoyed this grammar lesson.

  • See you next time.

In this lesson, we are going  to focus on past simple.

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