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  • In this lesson, we're going  to focus on present perfect.

  • Present perfect is used for  something that happened in the past  

  • and which explains the present situation.

  • The structure we use for the present  perfect is subject plus have/has  

  • plus past participle plus object.

  • Before, the man had long hairNow his hair is short. Why

  • He has had a haircut.

  • Before, the woman had blonde  hair. Now her hair is black. Why

  • She has dyed her hair.

  • In Episode 5 of Fortune Blue, there are  several examples of present perfect.

  • Listen to Jimmy speaking to Daniel.

  • And instead concentrate on  how Bridget is also directly  

  • connected to the same people that have  taken Jenny and put her life at risk.

  • Jimmy is talking about a past  action, Jenny's kidnapping,  

  • and how that event affects  Jenny's safety in the present.

  • Look at the next example.

  • Like I said earlier, the phone was gone from  the house. She's spoken directly to Bridget.  

  • More than once.

  • In this use of present perfect, we know  that Jenny and Bridget spoke in the past  

  • and this is important now to  understanding the kidnapping.

  • The present perfect isgreat way to talk about an  

  • action that started in the past  and which explains the present.

  • Let's review.

  • I have eaten breakfast

  • Would you like something to eat? No thanks, I've just eaten breakfast.  

  • Meaning, I'm not hungry now.

  • I hope you've enjoyed this grammar  lesson. We'll see you next time.

In this lesson, we're going  to focus on present perfect.

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