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  • Hi everybody, I'm Alisha from English class

  • Do you know how to express gratitude in English?

  • In this lesson you'll learn how to do it in three different ways and how to respond .

  • [3 Ways To Say Thank You in English.]

  • Let's start with the easiest one : "Thank you."

  • "Thank you."

  • Simply say this phrase to thank someone.

  • [Thank You.]

  • You can emphasize "thank you" by adding "very much."

  • It shows a little more gratitude. "Thank you very much."

  • "Thank you very much."

  • [Thank you very much.]

  • To sound like a pro, you can add why you're thankful.

  • For example: "Thank you very much for the gifts."

  • What about between friends? Here's the way to say it: "Thanks."

  • "Thanks."

  • [Thanks.]

  • Now you know three different ways to express gratitude in English.

  • But how do you respond if someone thanks you?

  • If someone says thank you in English, simply say: "You're welcome."

  • "You're Welcome."

  • [You're Welcome.]

  • Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what we've learned.

  • Listen to the expression and repeat after me.

  • "Thank you."

  • "Thank You."

  • To show a little more gratitude: "Thank you very much."

  • "Thank you very much."

  • The casual way to say thank you: "Thanks."

  • "Thanks."

  • And to respond, just say: "You're welcome."

  • "Your Welcome."

  • Well done.

  • Many people will use both "thank you" and "thanks" in daily conversation.

  • You will hear the casual "thanks" more often between friends and people you know well, and "thank you" among people you don't know so well.

  • However, you may also hear the casual "thanks" among strangers since English tends to be more casual.

  • You just learned three different ways to express gratitude and how to respond in English.

  • And if you really want to become fluent and speak English from the very first lesson, go to

  • I'll see you next time, bye.

Want to speak real English from your first lesson?

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3 Ways to Say Thank You in English

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