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  • In this episode of the TotalMix FX beginners guide,

  • I will show you how you can do a great vocal recording with your RME Audio

  • interface. But before we start please make sure that you subscribe to our

  • Channel and click also on the notifications button to get all the

  • future updates on our new RME Audio interfaces and workshops. The setup is

  • very straightforward. I have connected my microphone with the Babyface Pro via XLR

  • and I am using the first XLR input of the Babyface Pro. Now let's switch over

  • to TotalMix FX. As you can see in TotalMix FX my first channel which

  • represents the XLR inputs is already getting a signal. If this is not the case

  • there could be several reasons. First if we click on the toolbox icon we can

  • check if there is enough gain on this channel, so we can check this. So we

  • increase or decrease the gain. Another reason could be that you are

  • using a condenser microphone. These microphones need what we call 48 volts

  • or also phantom power, luckily the Babyface Pro

  • as many other RME Audio Interfaces do have phantom power. The Babyface Pro has

  • phantom power on the first two XLR inputs and if I click on the toolbox

  • icon in TotalMix FX, I have this settings menu for this particular

  • channel and I can select the 48 volts if I want to and then there should be a

  • signal if I am using a condenser microphone.

  • Now all I'm just doing now is I switch over to my DAW of choice which is in

  • this case Ableton and I select it on this audio channel the first input

  • channel of the Babyface Pro make sure that you have selected the Babyface Pro

  • in Ableton and now I can just record myself and as you can see Ableton is

  • creating a waveform, which means that I am recording myself now into Ableton

  • Live with the Babyface Pro and my microphone.

In this episode of the TotalMix FX beginners guide,

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B1 US pro audio microphone phantom channel recording

TotalMix FX for Beginners - Vocal Recording with RME Audio Interfaces

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    Shine Chen posted on 2021/07/11
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