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  • Hi, my name is Zion Randall, and I'm here to tell you that imagination is more important than knowledge.

  • Albert Einstein knew that in 1929, but somehow, the adults of today don't understand that the knowledge they want us to learn is limited, but our imaginations are endless.

  • The kids of today all know about 3D printers, Google Glasses, indoor skydiving, and hoverbikes.

  • Does anyone know how those ideas started?

  • These great inventions all started with play.

  • Someone somewhere played with their imagination.

  • They had imagined an idea that no one else had thought of.

  • Later, an inventor or scientist created their art into real-working creations.

  • Let me show you what I mean by looking at some old movies and facts.

  • The movie "Back to the Future" gave us drones.

  • Drones are unmanned robots that can be programmed.

  • They can be used to attack, take pictures, videos, even send mail, too.

  • It's true we don't see drones walking dogs like they did in the movies, but for scientists to create a real-working drone, an artist needed to imagine it.

  • "Frankenstein" is an old movie that we all know about.

  • "Frankenstein" is, is a, is the first, one of the first science fiction novels written in 1818.

  • In this book and movie, Victor Frankenstein uses dead body parts to create Frankenstein.

  • I think that sounds like an organ transplant.

  • Doctors used ideas from Victor's imagination to create real medical surgeries.

  • Imagination can lead us to unknown places, places I want to go.

  • I bet you're wondering where imagination started.

  • Imagination (inaudible) is something that we special humans have.

  • It all started with the early humans.

  • They created tools like the wheel.

  • They created hunting tools like spears.

  • Scientists are still trying to figure out how imagination works today.

  • Imagination is putting your creativity into action.

  • When you take what you know, and you mix it with the unknown, you make something new.

  • This imagination is pretty powerful.

  • It uses a large portion of the human brain.

  • It creates an excitement across many different (areas) in your brain.

  • I use my art to draw.

  • I draw fake things such as real things in my life.

  • I think about how the world could be more interesting if there were new ideas in my head.

  • Did you know that kids that take art are four times more likely to be recognized for their academic achievement?

  • Those same kids are four times, or three times more likely to be rewarded for their attendance at school.

  • So, in conclusion, if you let us use our imagination more, we will want to come to school and be more successful.

  • Thank you.

Hi, my name is Zion Randall, and I'm here to tell you that imagination is more important than knowledge.

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Imagination is more important than knowledge | Randall Zion | [email protected]

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