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  • Hello, and welcome to this week's video.

  • Now, if you're anything like me, this little object spends a lot of time in your hand.

  • If that is the case, then today's video on text abbreviations is a must-watch for you.

  • And helping us with the video is my sister, Tessa, and her friend George, who are going to compete to tell you the full meaning of each text abbreviation.

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  • So yeah, please subscribe, and yeah, anyway, let's get cracking with the video.

  • So what I'm going to do is I'm going to read out a text acronym, and when you know the answer, Tessa, I would like you to beep your horn.

  • Let's hear it. Thank you.

  • Okay, and George, I would like you to squeeze your chicken.

  • BRB?

  • George?

  • 'Be right back.'

  • 'BRB.'

  • You use this when you're going away for a short while but with the intention of coming back.

  • -[Have you done your homework yet?] -[Nope! BRB, just doing downstairs for dinner.]

  • LOL.

  • George? -No!

  • 'Laugh out loud.'

  • 'LOL' or, when you're speaking, lol.

  • Quite obvious this one.

  • You use it when you find something funny.

  • -[Did you see that guy fall over yesterday?] -[Yeah, it was so funny. LOL.]

  • B…

  • 'By the way?'

  • Yes, George, BTW, by the way.

  • 'BTW.'

  • We use this when you're adding something or bringing something up that's off-topic.

  • -[I've booked the table for 8 people at 8 o'clock.] -[Sweet, see you there. I'm leaving early though BTW, I'm working at 6am tomorrow.]

  • I…

  • 'I don't know.'

  • IDK, I don't know.

  • Thank you, okay.

  • 'IDK.'

  • This is very obvious.

  • You use this when you don't know something.

  • -[What time is the match tomorrow?] -[IDK! Ring George, he'll know.]

  • YOL

  • Tessa?

  • -'YOLO.' -YOLO. -Oh, 'you only live once'.

  • 'YOLO' or, when spoken, yolo.

  • You use this to express the idea that you should take risk and live life to the fullest.

  • -[You can't come - you need to save money for your holiday.] -[I know but it's going to be such a good concert - YOLO.]

  • FOMO.

  • 'Fear of missing out.'

  • Yes, Tessa.

  • 'FOMO' or, when spoken, fomo.

  • We use this to describe feeling apprehensive about the idea of missing out on something potentially cool or rewarding.

  • -[Are you sure you don't want to come?] -[Yeah I'm sure...although I've got major FOMO, I reckon it'll be a great party.]

  • So, there you have it.

  • Six really useful text abbreviations for next time you're texting somebody in English.

  • As ever, please don't forget to like and share this video as well as comment below with topics that you'd like to see covered in future videos.

  • And of course, as mentioned before, please don't forget to subscribe.

  • As always, thanks for stopping by, we really appreciate your continued support and I will see you next time for more language fun.

Hello, and welcome to this week's video.

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