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Kayla rose I love ESPN enough grant was set down with Bill Simmons Grantland
by by the way one of the best YouTube channels out I gotta lotta lotta respect
for great one
and here's what kaelin Rowe said he might be stirring the pot a little bit
we have a quota mayor
from Jay Leno's let's pull that out very quickly all make a quick prediction for
the Bobcats
michael Jordan is coming out of retirement and playing one game this
I i would love to see it I think would be cool however mike is fifty years old
here's the one thing that Mike has to his credit from aside for being the best
best well player ever
is that he beat Michael kidd-gilchrist who was eighth
figures second- or third-year player now with the Bobcats
101 the now kidd-gilchrist is Bailey a motor guy is not a jump shooter body is
a powerful player
however he's maybe an inch taller if he grew from college
that michael Jordan cell %ah don't hang your head young fella still respect and
however let me open this up would you like to see him come back for one game
give up ownership in the team hype it up sell the jersey as bill 7 said
scrap wood piece and play won't get you know if he did this
I will want to see a goat or some kinda charitable cause
Michael for but for what else Eunos was too many variables
what seemed eager to play against you know I have the answer to that wide
like you of course I wanna see I'm a Chicago native
he's the best basketball player to ever step on the Harwood yep
but aside from that why you know like he has
legacy you don't want to see Mike you not do anything to a beer somewhere you
eat gets embarrassed by somebody
whatever the KC is I just don't see calls for him to come
I retirement give up ownership to the Bobcats and play even for one game
okay how they work out a deal where he gives up ownership for like a day
he comes back that where the 45
but we're going karaoke comes back he sells the jerseys they hype it up like
gives up ownership for one day maybe a week to hype it up
and they draw the most fans they ever have in that building in charlotte vale
with drug dealing right now they would need it so if it's an attempt to
get more the butts in the seats as they say
not then I definitely think that it's a good you are you so it's a definite is
definitely a marketing ploy they will have to play the Bulls
now hit or here's the other scenario not the
they play the heat now now here's what will happen if they play the
okay now Jordan this past week he was having a bad day
NBA 2k 14 about how was your pants for second
he he hacked up NBA 2k 14 and he said in my prime I could beat anybody Mexico be
cuz he's still some my moves got you understood object competitive nature
so here's the other part to this they play the heat right peers the
scenario that I see happening they play the and it's just gonna remind me
%uh Muhammad Ali's last fight when he tried to make a comeback
the bronze gonna dunk on him people to sail a bronze the best for dunking on a
50-year-old man
and it's gonna ruin that ruin the legacy it will tarnish maybe s
few percentage points a Michael's legacy because there will be those newcomers to
the NBA and two sports basketball particularly the younger audience that
who burned through I don't go anywhere that's what I see like Muhammad Ali
fight with the the last fight when he just got
tortured in the ring I mean I just don't wanna see that
I would out actually think they do go a little bit different
I think they it would be similar to Iowa magic came at a retirement to play
in the played a year in the all-star game everybody just kinda let
magic be magic granted it was the all-star game but they let him
have the jazzy passes they let him hit his 3-pointers you know they were talkin
John to like I put the kraut but they can let magic at his lady in the lake a
let magic at
they let him have it I would have if I'm if an NBA player I'm shut magic's s down
you kid but you have to understand during that time
there were days I'm calling for magic to to come back the FAA yeah
request the the he come back when the MBA said no
he can't play because ive the buyers as expected yeah
but I the fancy no where bohemian
we expected to see among the Harwood is so when I got on how absolutely was
upset jabbing going back and forth her
you know for but they can I let him they can lead and
have this fun like you gotta think about like this is a man who
actually can't make a living up a basketball anymore we're gonna let 'em
shine and I think that that's what we were seeing you see like
see you see some jab you see some going back and forth you see the crack in real
big whenever he
got beat up by pala bronner something like that I think the
rhinos the he's the best player in the NBA he will let
I NJ do is think he is by far the best player in the NBA I don't think he would
considering that they're both super competitive
I just can't see it
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Michael Jordan 2013 Return?!

2073 Folder Collection
tv4562003 published on August 13, 2014
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