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  • Hi, my name is Laura McGee and this is what I do to live more sustainably.

  • Most of the energy you use in the home is for heating and hot water.

  • Check if you've got heating controls that they're set to a comfortable level and that your heating is only coming on when you need it on because if it's on when you're out, it's just wasting energy.

  • Another thing you can do is make sure you're not leaving your appliances on standby because if we switch everything off standby, we could be saving ourselves about £25 a year.

  • As soon as it's 100% charge, you don't want to charging anymore.

  • So unplug it and switch off at the wall because you'll feel that the plug for the phone charger often gets warm.

  • It's getting warm then that's using energy.

  • If you learn how quickly your phone charges up, maybe you could find a bit of time in the day over lunch or in the evening when you're watching something.

  • The good thing actually about charging up outside the time when most people are using electricity is it's probably greener electricity you're using.

  • That might be worth thinking of putting on a timer switch.

  • A lot of it's common sense.

  • It's just thinking about it.

  • It's just been more conscious of it.

Hi, my name is Laura McGee and this is what I do to live more sustainably.

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How to cut down on your energy use | Sustainable Future

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/22
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