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  • Hello everyone it's Jennifer from  Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday

  • Two words that are spelled differentlythey have different meanings,  

  • but they are pronounced exactly the same way. This is for all of my IT people out there

  • We have sync meaning to synchronize um or  having the same thing in two places and 

  • sink um to slip below or a basin for washing  like where you wash your hands or do your dishes 

  • so the place to do your dishes is here and what  we do with our phones and our computers is here 

  • So to say these words correctly we're going  to start with that super easy s sound sssss

  • To say the sound the tip of your tongue  is either behind the top front teeth or  

  • pointed down it is not touching your teeth  at all, air keeps moving out of your mouth

  • Next move to that short ih soundthis is a relaxed mouth and the tongue  

  • is just at the bottom of the top  teeth and it's flat in your mouth

  • and then what we're going to do is we're going  to move that tongue, the tip of the tongue, down,  

  • to the bottom of the mouth; and the back of the  tongue is going to pull be pulled way high up.  

  • Air is going to come out of your nose for this  sound and we're going to make this um sound  

  • that's that n g sound that you hear at the  end of many words like in running and singing.  

  • This ng sound is going to be really helpful  here because then your tongue is in the right  

  • spot for that k sound, and all you need to do  then is stop the air coming out of your nose,  

  • and let the air puff out of your mouth. So  this ng and the k, they have the same position  

  • tip of the tongue down back of the  tongue is pulled way high up. ngk ngk

  • You can see I'm not really moving my mouth at all.  

  • You might be asking is this a long e sound  no it is not it is a short i but it is longer  

  • than the short i that you might hear and  the word hit or sit, so it's going to be a  

  • little bit longer because it's influenced  by this n g sound here this ng sound

  • So let's try this all nice and slow and  then we'll go a little bit faster okay.

  • sync

  • sync

  • sync sync sync sync sync sync sync

  • And this is a little bit of a bonus if  you take that k off you have the word  

  • sing and some of you might need to know that word.

  • So let's give it a try in  a sentence: Sync your phone  

  • so we don't lose the pictures of the  kitchen sink that we really like.

  • So give it a try i know people are going to  notice the difference. If you found this helpful  

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  • Thanks everyone have the best week!

Hello everyone it's Jennifer from  Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday

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How to Pronounce SINK & SYNC - American English Homophones Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/06/22
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