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  • I've got the kids running wild, I've got to do  a few jobs in the garden, but I do want to get  

  • a lovely lunch on. My kids always love a roast chicken. I'm thinking lentils, spinach. We're going  

  • to go wild mushrooms, I'm going to use tarragon  paired up with some whole roasted garlic. Let's get  

  • this party going. It's beyond simple, right. Let's  just lube up the chicken with some nice olive oil,  

  • a little swig of vinegar, basic sort of marinadeHit it up with salt and pepper, a whole bowl  

  • of garlic, the tarragon. We're gonna pick these  lovely leaves later, but then the stalk is going  

  • up the jacksie of the chicken. So rub this chicken all over with the seasoning. I've got the oven, it's  

  • at 180 degrees celsius. So there you go in the oven  that's it now I'm free for an hour to do some jobs.

  • The chickens had an hour, just over and that isbeautiful and very familiar sight, right. I'm going  

  • to drain all the juices out of this lovely chicken  which is nearly cooked, it's not quite cooked, right

  • I want to add beautiful flavor to that. So I'm  going to get some gorgeous smoked streaky bacon.  

  • So just lay it over the breast this will go golden  and crisp the fat will render and continue to  

  • baste the chicken and in here, look at this all the  drippings and our funky little garlic clove here.  

  • All that goodness should come out just like that. That whole bowl of garlic ends up being  

  • a flavor hit. We've got 650 grams of beautiful  mixed mushrooms, if you've got shiitakes the  

  • Asian mushrooms, beautiful. Portobellos and then  we've got these king oysters here how fabulous  

  • are they? So we'll get those in. We'll hit it up  with some seasoning, we're going to roast them  

  • under that chicken for the last 20 minutes. So  dress it like a salad, chicken gravy, mushrooms.  

  • Come on! The mushrooms go at the bottom of the  oven. We're going to take this chicken that's  

  • nearly cooked and we're going to place it directly  onto the bars and that bacon will start to render,  

  • it will baste the chicken, protect the breast and  the journey throughout that chicken to get more  

  • flavor. Then rains down on the mushrooms. They're  going to be the best mushrooms you've ever had.  

  • Time's up on the chicken, have a little lookLet's just plate this up now. There we go,  

  • absolutely beautiful. All I'm gonna do now is put  these incredible mushrooms on a nice platter and  

  • look how lovely they look. Take that chicken as  a real centerpiece on those mushrooms, like that  

  • and then take the tarragon and that is what we  serve at the dinner table and then we're going  

  • to use the same tray. We'll go in there with  some olive oil, a bag or two of lovely spinach.  

  • I'm all in for roast potatoes, always, but to change  it up you can buy beautiful green lentils in tins.  

  • You can get them dried. Drain off most of the water.  

  • Bring them to the boil like this. We're going  to kiss it with vinegar, season it to your  

  • liking and then at this stage, creme freshso delicious. What I like to do is just let  

  • the creme fresh just melt and don't stir itwe're just going to take it over to a platter  

  • and let it naturally ripple on there, how gorgeous is that come on. Okay time to serve up. So that goes  

  • on first. So with the chicken, let's just take  a nice little slice of the breast, look at that

  • and then look we've got this natural gravy that's  come out of the mushrooms, that's just so good.  

  • Knife, fork. I am very excited.

  • Come on mr mushroom...

  • I don't know what to say, it is utterly delicious.  I am so happy right now, speechless. What a joy.

I've got the kids running wild, I've got to do  a few jobs in the garden, but I do want to get  

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