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A House doctor pays a visit to the set of New Girl! House fans will be excited to know
that Odette Annable, who played Dr. Jessica Adams on Season 8 of the much loved FOX series
House, has landed a guest role on New Girl! According to TVLine, Annable will play Shane,
a perky management school graduate who becomes Nick's new boss and potential love interest.
So, Nick and Jess fans, what do you think of this new character? Are you glad
she'll be keeping Nick and Jess apart for now or should the show just let the two roomies
be together? Sound off in the comments and check back to Celebified for more of the latest
TV scoop!
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New Girl Casting Scoop: Will Sexy House Doc Odette Annable Come Between Nick & Jess?

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published on August 12, 2014
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