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  • Kid President: Ok, ready for the hot round! Steve Carell: Oh no

  • KP: Who encouraged you when you were a kid? SC: My parents. Always encouraged me and wanted

  • me to follow my dreams and thats why I ended up becoming an actor.

  • KP: How can kids and grown-ups work together to make the world a better place?

  • SC: Listening to each other. If grown-ups listen to what kids have to say and if kids

  • listen to what grown-ups have to say, I think we can make the world a better place.

  • KP: Finish this sentence. The world will be more awesome if...

  • SC: Trees were made of candy. [laughs]

  • SC: Yeah I saw your eyes light up. I dont know if we can promise that to people but we can

  • give that a shot. KP: You can try just hooking candy together

  • and make it...tree [laughs] You can try. SC: You can try. You know what? That's all

  • you can do is try. Have you given any thought to the fact that I would like to be your vice

  • president? [cricket noises]

  • KP: Awkward [laughs] I don't even know you man like...

  • SC: I...I'm a good guy. I have got a lot going for me.

  • KP: hmm... SC: You're skeptical. I can see that. Can

  • I give you some reasons as to why I should be your vice president and why I would make

  • an excellent vice president? KP: Yea give me some reasons

  • SC: Alright, I will give you some reasons. Well, one, I make people laugh or at least

  • I try to make people laugh. Is that good? KP: hmm.. keep going. SC: Alright, lets see, what else?

  • SC: I try to give time to charity, Stand up to Cancer, they're always looking for a cure

  • and they are trying to help people who have the disease of cancer. That's pretty cool, right?

  • KP: Mmhmm

  • SC: Yea, you're still a little bit skeptical. Alright, uhmm well I'm the guy in Despicable

  • Me 2. KP: I saw that movie and you were not in it.

  • SC: I am. KP: No you're not.

  • SC: Yes I am and I can prove it to you. I am the guy in Despicable Me 2 and if you don't

  • believe me, I will get so angry. Yea, that's right. Also, I braid my daughter's hair into

  • pigtails everyday. You don't care about that. And lets see, oh you know what? This is the

  • best one of all. I have dancing minions. Yeah. That's right.

  • [music] SC: I'm sure they will put some music in later,

  • right guys? Let's hope so. KP: Yea but all because you're in a, like

  • a movie, a cartoon, doesn't mean you can become a vice president. This is big deal, man. This

  • is not just kid stuff. This is big deal in the world.

  • SC: Well listen, if I am the vice president to the Kid President of the United States

  • then I will share my dancing minions. KP: Seriously?

  • SC: As vice president, I do not lie. KP: Cool! SC: Yeah KP: Deal!

  • [music]

  • SC: Whats this called?

  • KP: The pencil sharpener. SC: [laughs] I like it.

  • [music]

Kid President: Ok, ready for the hot round! Steve Carell: Oh no

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    Ting Chun Chi posted on 2014/08/12
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