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  • Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.

  • You can improve your English this year.

  • It's definitely on the cards.

  • Huh!? On the cards!?

  • What does that mean? We don't have any cards.

  • 'On the cards' is an idiom which means something that is likely to happen.

  • So if I say to you, 'Improving your English is on the cards', do I think that it's likely that it will happen or not likely it'll happen?

  • I think it's likely that it will happen.

  • Another example could be 'It's on the cards for them to get married this year.'

  • So do I think they are going to get married this year?

  • Yes.

  • Do I think it's likely for them to get married?

  • Yes.

  • So try this idiom with your friends, and if they don't know the meaning, you can teach them.

Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.

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Learn English Idioms: 'On The Cards' (It Doesn't Mean Anything About Cards!)

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