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Going to pee.
Guys versus girls.
Oh gotta pee.
Be right back.
Fifty-four seconds later...
What's up!
I gotta pee.
Me too. I'll go with you.
Alright. Hey Anna, wanna come?
Yeah I'll come along. I don't have to pee but that's OK.
I'm coming too!
Hey~we over heard you girls saying you were gotta pee~
Can we come too?
Candas? What's you like to go?
We're about to go pee. Wanna join us?
Hi~my bladder is also full. What a coincidence!
Did someone say pee?
What? Pee? When? Now?
Let's all pee together~
This is gonna be so much fun!
Oh hell no!
No...this is ridiculous.
Oh...why is there always such a long line up!
Hey ladies!
Ha! Huh! Huh! Huh! Yeah! Huh! Oh! Oh! Yeah! Huh! Yeah~
If you gotta pee, just go pee. Don't make it a party of pee.
You see?
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Going To Pee: Guys VS Girls

25739 Folder Collection
許瓊文 published on August 12, 2014    許瓊文 translated    Amber Chang reviewed
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