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  • Once upon a time, there were three little pig brothers who got along very well together.

  • One day, their mother pig said to them,

  • ""It's time you built your own houses by yourselves.""

  • The three little pigs decided to do so, and they all started to build their own houses.

  • The first little pig gathered a lot of straw and built a straw house.

  • The second little pig gathered a lot of sticks and he built a stick house.

  • The third little pig laid a lot of bricks  and built a brick house.

  • It took him a lot of time and effort.

  • ""I did it!  I builtvery strong house!""  the third little pig shouted with joy.

  • Since their houses were now built, the three little pigs were playing.

  • A wolf living in the forest was watching them from a distance.

  • ""They look very tasty!  I am going to eat them one by one.""

  • thought the wolf.

  • The very hungry wolf came close to their houses.

  • First, he approached the first little pig's straw house.

  • ""I can blow down the house like this!""

  • With a big puff, he blew the straw house down.

  • The straw house scattered all over and became just pieces of straw.

  • ""Help meHere comes the wolf!""  cried the first little pig.

  • The first little pig rushed into the second little pig's stick house.

  • The wolf was still chasing the pigs.

  • ""I can crush the house like this!""

  • With a big bump, the wolf banged into the stick house.

  • The house broke down into pieces.

  • The two little pigs rushed into the third pig's brick house.

  • The wolf was still chasing the pigs.

  • ""I can break down the house like this!""

  • The wolf tried to break the house down, puffing his breath on it and banging into the house.

  • No matter how hard he tried, the house did not give in at all.

  • After thinking for a while,

  • the wolf decided to get into the house  through the chimney.

  • So he climbed up onto the roof.

  • The three little pigs noticed that the wolf was climbing up onto the roof.

  • So they made up a blazing fire, and hung a large pot full of water over the fire.

  • When the water was bubbling and boiling, the wolf came down through the chimney.

  • With a splash, the wolf fell into the pot.

  • ""OuchHot! Hot!  I'm scalding !""  cried the wolf.

  • He ran away and never came back.

  • ""Thank you so much!

  • You and your house saved us from the wolf.""

  • The first and second pigs thanked the third pig sincerely.

  • "" We need to build a strong house like yours,"" said the two pigs,

  • and the three little pigs lived happily ever after.

Once upon a time, there were three little pig brothers who got along very well together.

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【絵本読み聞かせ英語朗読:字幕付き】三匹のこぶた/The Story of the Three Little Pigs【Japanese Fairy Tales in English】

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    Yu-Xeng Tzeng posted on 2021/06/07
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