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  • So, another drive-through, and today we're going to try "gyudon" and see what that's like.

  • [Speaking Japanese.]

  • -Hi -[Speaking Japanese.]

  • [Speaking Japanese.]

  • Okay, so let's see what "gyudon" is.

  • So here it is, this is the medium-sized, uh, beef bowl "gyudon."

  • And you just got a lot of  beef and some sautéed onions.  

  • And then they give you this pack.

  • You have your napkin, chopsticks, toothpick, uh, hot pepper.

  • And toothpick for later, and, uh, the pickled ginger

  • The "benishoga," the red pickled ginger, which is quite common here for "okonomiyakias well as other types of food.

  • So, put that on.

  • It kind of has a bit of a pickled flavor, a bit of a vinegar flavor, and if you like the hot "shichimi" which is actually seven spices.

  • Some  of them are, are like cayenne type pepper.

  • And here it is.

  • This is good because it's a very standard lunch.

  • This is under 500 yen, so 500-yen coins.

  • So, a lot of times salaried workers, uh, salarymenwill have a one coin lunch, and that means any kind of lunch you can get for under 500 yen.

  • So this would be one of those.

  • And this was actually, um, small size and a regular size and a medium size was only 830 Japanese yen, so that's, um, quite cheap, so here it is.

  • Okay, pretty, pretty good, pretty healthy.

  • Definitely a popular dish here in Japan.

  • Thank you for watching, please likesubscribe, and feel free to comment.  

  • And also, let me know what kinds of food you  want to see here in Japan.

  • Thank you, goodbye.

So, another drive-through, and today we're going to try "gyudon" and see what that's like.

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SUKIYA Drive Thru in Japan | What's a GYUDON Beef Bowl?

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