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  • mm Hi there.

  • It's jennifer from Charles speech with your two for Tuesday pronunciation.

  • Lesson two for Tuesday are two words that are pronounced exactly the same, but they have different spellings and different meanings.

  • Our words today, our genes which are a unit of heredity or a sequence of chromosomes and genes, denim trousers.

  • So let's go ahead and take a look.

  • We have genes and genes.

  • So to say these words correctly, we're going to focus on the four sounds in the word.

  • We're going to start with that J sound.

  • This gives some people a little bit of trouble.

  • So let's talk about this a little bit for the J.

  • Sound.

  • You're going to touch your teeth with your tongue.

  • Like you're saying A.

  • D.

  • Sound the then you're going to move your tongue smoothly back towards the back of your mouth, away from your teeth.

  • And the air is going to shift from that D.

  • Two moving out of your mouth for the sound.

  • So the J.

  • Sound is actually two sounds put together very quickly.

  • The D.

  • And then the Jacques so to do that quickly.

  • Sure june Sure.

  • Next move to the long E.

  • Sound by smiling tongue is high and flat in your mouth.

  • Next touch your teeth, the back of your top front teeth for the N.

  • Sound while the air moves out of your nose mm.

  • And then add a Z.

  • Sound to make the Z.

  • Sound The tip of your tongue have either pointed down or it's back behind your top front teeth that is not touching your teeth.

  • The air is going to continuously moving out of your mouth and your voice box is on and vibrating.

  • Mm Let's put it all together.

  • Sure mm mm mm jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans.

  • And now for a sentence do you think americans love of wearing jeans come from our hard working blue collar genes?

  • Give it a try.

  • People are going to notice the difference.

  • If you found this helpful, we'd love a like a share in the subscribed, check out our products on google play itunes and our classes at Carl's speech.

  • Thanks everyone.

mm Hi there.

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