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  • what up, y'all this is young in May and this is how I do my locks.

  • Yeah, I've had braids all my life.

  • My mom used to try to like put my hair like in these little cute ponytails, little stuff like that.

  • And I will get to a point where I would take it out because it would be like to high and cute like girly.

  • And then I guess my mom started to realize that I did one bridge.

  • So I started to get bridged as I got older, like going into middle school and stuff like that.

  • My mom always bring my hair.

  • The braves became like a standpoint for me, for my hair is like everybody know me as younger made with the truth.

  • The braves coming down, the braves coming right here.

  • So I just felt like now I'm getting older man, you know what I mean?

  • And I just feel like the braids has been something I've had since I was a child and I'm just getting to a point in life where I just feel like I just need to kind of grow up.

  • Um Even during quarantine my shape up was actually bigger.

  • Um I grew my shape up out as well and take them growing up.

  • Oh hey looking, I got to have half from have fun in town but I had braids in my life man and that's why I just got to a point in life, I just was like I just want to switch it up, I was thinking about cutting my hair.

  • Yeah, that's what I got to a point where I was ready to cut my hand to like, like a mini throat and like tape it up on the sides and like rock that I'm so used to long hair.

  • Like I've had like hair that like when I didn't have my breezing and I like straighten it all shit and my hair come like down here like and like with the locks is like it's just here forever.

  • But I'm just trying to keep my patients because I know where to get longer but that's the process man and what really made me get the locks.

  • I know it's weird to say but I had sprung my ankle and I was just sitting around and I'm like I want to lock my hair, I said it to my bro keys out of the keys.

  • She got, she actually got long blocks and I just looked at high set bro, I think I want to get locks and we actually called her hairstyle is on arrival and she came and started my my locks august 2020.

  • I wouldn't wash it, I didn't wash it for a long time.

  • I just washed my hair probably like two weeks ago for the first time since august um I just wanted it to be dirty so we can lock.

  • And I finally watched it and I really don't do too much to it.

  • Like I just kind of like let it be, would it be like, and I like the rugged look.

  • I've always been that way.

  • Even with my braids, I never had perfect grades all the time, so I don't even wrap it.

  • Mhm.

  • Just play the ship.

  • I don't remember.

  • I just lay in it unless I got his style.

  • If I got this style then I'll put a do rag on it, a silky to people that want to lock the head.

  • I would say it sometimes it depends on like the journey and the texture.

  • Like do you want skinny blocks?

  • Do you want thick locks?

  • Like me?

  • For me this is why I got thick locks because I have like a round face.

  • So like skinny locks will look a little too thin for me, whatever you prefer, whatever you feel like fits your face sometimes.

  • And that's that I'm just happy that I'm starting a new journey over here I guess and I hope you'll accept it.

  • Listen man got a project out right now, make sure you go check it out.

  • It's called off the yak and yeah, you're gonna see the drugs and that to me, Sorry.

  • Profile like this uh about Okay.

what up, y'all this is young in May and this is how I do my locks.

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