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  • All right, time to read some of my viewers' comments.

  • Let's see, um.

  • You are cute.

  • All right, let's get this straight: The word cute is predominantly used to describe the sweet look of an animal or a little child

  • The term is sometimes used to describe an adult, but only in informal situations between close friends and lovers

  • Generally, describing someone you find physically appealing as cute in British English is just a bit... ugh.

  • And with so many other wonderful options to choose from, why continue to use such a childish term?

  • So I'm going to give you 10 alternatives to the word cute, and I invite you to write any additional options down in the comments below.

  • Then take some time to read some of the other comments and give a thumbs up to the ones that you like.

  • Here goes. Number one: 'Your adorable.'

  • To adore someone is similar to loving them so if someone makes you feel a sense of love every time you see them then you could call them adorable.

  • Number two: your 'lovely'.

  • Saying someone is 'lovely' is like calling someone nice.

  • We use this adjective to describe many things including people.

  • For example, we had a 'lovely day' eating a 'lovely meal' with Jennifer; 'She is lovely.'

  • Number three: You're very 'endearing'.

  • Endearing means inspiring affection, similar to adorable.

  • An endearing person is someone who makes you feel fond of them.

  • Number four: You're 'charming'.

  • Think of prince charming, a very pleasant and attractive person.

  • Have you been 'charmed' by anyone recently?

  • Do you have a 'charming' smile?

  • Number five: You're 'sweet'.

  • An adjective often used to describe the pleasing taste of sugar.

  • 'Sweet' can also be used to describe something or someone who is pleasing, kind or thoughtful.

  • For example, my neighbor is 'sweet'; she often waters my flowers when I'm away and baked me a cake for my birthday

  • Number six: you're 'delightful'.

  • A 'delightful' person is a person full of delight, and they often make everyone around them smile.

  • Number seven: 'You're engaging.'

  • To be 'engaging' means to attract and hold someone's attention with your charm.

  • For example, a good film is 'engaging', a talented singer is 'engaging'.

  • You simply cannot take your eyes off them.

  • Number eight: You're 'enchanting'.

  • To 'enchant' someone is to put them under a spell.

  • Therefore, if you are 'enchanting' then people will be mesmerised by you, attracted to you as if by magic.

  • Number nine: Your 'captivating'.

  • Along the same lines as enchanting, we have 'captivating'.

  • To be 'captive' is to be a prisoner, to be held unable to free yourself.

  • So, if a person is 'captivating', you cannot stop looking at them, you cannot free yourself from wanting to be near them.

  • And finally, number ten: You're 'beautiful'.

  • It's such a beautiful word 'beautiful', and it means pleasing to the senses.

  • A person may be 'beautiful to look at' and therefore pleasing to the eye.

  • They may have a 'beautiful voice', pleasing to the ear.

  • They may have a 'beautiful personality', pleasing to the mind and soul.

  • So now you know ten attractive alternatives, you can reserve the word cute for this and this.

  • For more English lessons, hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications - ding-dong.

  • But for now, go and put the kettle on, let's have a brew

  • You can't beat a proper cup of English tea - English breakfast tea.

  • I'll see you later. Bye.

All right, time to read some of my viewers' comments.

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