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  • do you both promise to use your words?

  • I promise.

  • Why are we doing it this way?

  • Because when you have peace talks, you need someone neutral to mediate otherwise.

  • It just breaks down into yelling.

  • This is dumb.

  • Well we're doing it.

  • Besides.

  • It took me five minutes to get this chair and I'm not getting out, grandpa promised you're off to promise.

  • Okay, fine.

  • I promise.

  • Good.

  • Now.

  • I will admit that hostilities may have escalated more than either of us anticipated.

  • You don't touch another man's computer.

  • That's not cool.

  • That's what war is all about.

  • Kiddo war.

  • I just want my room back.

  • No yelling.

  • I'm not yelling.

  • He's yelling.

  • Say you're sorry to grandpa.

  • It's okay sweetheart.

  • I love you grandpa.

  • I love you too.

  • Stop that.

  • Stop What?

  • What's going on here?

  • Things going on here supposed to be neutral.

  • I don't even know what that means.

  • It means you shouldn't act like you like him better than me.

  • I do like him better than you.

  • He gave me a cookie.

  • Okay.

  • That sounds worse than it is.

  • It is true cookie was given, but it was way before this negotiation had even been scheduled.

  • Chocolate Shit.

  • My 5th fret.

  • Mine too.

  • That's it.

  • I'm done.

  • Pieces canceled.

  • No gellene.

  • Shut up.

  • Shut up the bad word.

  • Peter can I?

  • My second cookie now.

  • Peter peter peter hold on.

  • Please, come on, you're right.

  • A cookie may have been involved, which may have been an attempt to influence the mediator, which in retrospect may have been inappropriate.

  • May have been okay.

  • To be fair.

  • You enter negotiations with a bit of an attitude yourself.

  • You didn't really give peace a chance either.

do you both promise to use your words?

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The War With Grandpa (2020) - Peace Negotiations Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

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