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  • Hey guys!

  • Hey guys I'm back in the Pokemon Center today

  • and, they have switched from Halloween to Christmas goods

  • So I thought I would give you a tour of all the Christmas goods that they have out this year

  • They're so adorable just wait till you see these!

  • These are cuter than the Halloween ones I think

  • So first off we have snowman pikachu!

  • I just think this is so adorable

  • I really like how the tags are fancy and christmassy as well

  • This is the monthly Pikachu for December

  • It's so cute, it's wearing the winter style Japanese housecoat

  • I don't know if you've seen one before

  • They're like a padded housecoat that people wear inside in the winter here

  • I really like this design, it's like an aurora design

  • They have it on notepads and stickers

  • Of course the best thing is the iPhone 6 case

  • I still don't have an iPhone 6 but I'm actually planning on getting one!

  • So I'll come back here, I might get this one. This is so pretty!

  • This is nice, it's a foot warmer!

  • When you're sitting at your couch

  • That's so cute

  • These ones aren't exactly Christmas themed but they're a new series that they have out

  • They're supposed to look like hand sewn dolls

  • This is the pikachu! There's also a vulpix which is adorable

  • But I think they're all sold out of it right now

  • But they're supposed to look like patchwork, handmade

  • This is the vulpix! Too bad they don't have the plushie.

  • These are my favorite guys!!!

  • They have a beanbag series out now

  • and they have sooooo many different ones

  • I want them all!! There's sleeping versions and then ones with their eyes open

  • This is the sleeping Mew

  • Oh my god it's so cute!!

  • AHHHHHH!!!

  • Ahahaha!!!

  • *gasp*

  • Oh my god~

  • oh, oh

  • These are two of my favourite pokemon so I'm gonna have to get these

  • yes

  • Oh, but the sleeping one is cute too!! I don't know...

  • Should I get the sleeping one?

  • Ohh I can't decide...

  • You can straighten it out, it's got a wire in it!

  • So you can do whatever you want with it!

  • That is so cool!!

  • If pikachu isn't your thing they also have snowman characters of some other pokemon

  • I think theres... ya

  • Just the starters it looks like!

  • Ha, Fennekin is pretty cute

  • These are cute

  • These are really cute

  • Oh my god

  • ha

  • Oh they're adorable

  • Here are some traditional New Year's Japanese decorations - Pokemon style

  • You hang these up around your house at New Year's

  • Same with these bamboo statues

  • And, this one's my favorite! I don't know if you've ever seen traditional mochi

  • that Japanese people eat at New Year's

  • I'll post a picture of it beside this so you can see

  • This is the pikachu version and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen

  • I saw that this had come out recently, and it's really cool!

  • It's a mini ufo catcher (claw machine)

  • It comes with figures

  • And you try to catch them. I wish they had a sample that you could see

  • It comes with fake coins that you put in

  • And you can move it with the buttons just like a real UFO machine

  • That's so cool!

  • So that is the Pokemon Center for November 2015!

  • They have lots of new stuff in right now

  • Come check it out if you're in Tokyo!

  • I will put the address down below so you guys know how to get here

  • It's by Ikebukuro Station - about a 6 minute walk from the station, I would say.

  • Thanks for watching guys! Bye!

Hey guys!

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    Summer posted on 2021/05/20
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