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  • - Hello, guys, this is Key from SHINee.

  • Today I'm gonna be talking about my first times.

  • First K-pop song.

  • I think.

  • First thing you do when you wake up.

  • I check my cell phone first,

  • and drink a glass of water.

  • I take a shower.

  • If I don't have a schedule, I don't take a shower.

  • (laughs)

  • First nickname.

  • First performance on stage.

  • It was 11 years ago, may 25th

  • and I looked really ugly.

  • First impression of America.

  • Americans are generous for lots of cultures.

  • They're generous for a lot of different cultures.

  • First true friend.

  • First embarrassing moment on stage.

  • It was eight years ago.

  • Long story short, my zipper wasn't closed enough

  • and I was wearing red underwear.

  • First time realizing you were famous.

  • (laughs)

  • I knew that I was famous.

  • First dorm apartment with your band mates.

  • It was disaster and hell.

  • (laughs)

  • K1, it was like K1.

  • (laughs)

  • When we used to live together, it was K1.

  • This is so embarrassing.

  • First celebrity crush.

  • BoA, since when I was 14.

  • I love her music, and I love her style,

  • and I love her personality, identity, everything.

  • She's my real idol, and she's my role model, I think.

  • No, she is.

  • First big purchase.

  • I bought a car six years ago.

  • Actually no, my father bought a car for me.

  • It was three years ago.

  • First time you ever cooked.

  • So 20 years ago I made a mashed potato for my grandma.

  • It sounds so sweet.

  • (laughs)

  • It wasn't good.

  • First kiss, really?

  • (laughing)

  • No, first pet.

  • (upbeat music)

- Hello, guys, this is Key from SHINee.

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Key From SHINee Tells Us About His First Times

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    陳瑜函 posted on 2021/05/20
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