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♪ (hip hop music) ♪ (Subtitle by: Bryan Pai, BS Translations)
So, what do you think?
Pretty good, huh?
I know what you're thinking:
Asian guy trying to be a basketball player?
Pssh! Good luck.
But even after Yao, even while Jeremy Lin...
this still looks weird, huh?
Well, I don't blame you.
Everyone knows that if you're Asian, there are
the sacred four pillars of an occupation your family
and friends expect you to go into.
Business or Finance.
Science and Engineering.
- And Law. -Hey!
Unfortunately, I suck at all those things
and I'm awesome at basketball.
But no one believes that I can--ow!
I...ooh, I am so sorry.
I was practicing my free throws.
You were practicing your free throws that way,
and you hit me in the head this way?
Yeah, I'm still learning.
For starters, try shooting the ball that way.
Yeah? Oh, wait, wait.
What else?
Do you know anything about basketball?
I know you have to bounce the ball and make it in the hoop.
That's called dribbling.
What're you doing?
Taking' notes. Duh!
Why are you even trying to learn?
Well, Matt, I want to be a baller, son!
Okay, it's my cousins, man.
Actually, it's my whole family.
I know I suck at basketball, but there are these three pillars
among black people of what you're expected to aspire to be.
- Sports. - (crowd cheers)
- Music. - (crowd cheers)
- Acting. And that's it! -(crowd applauds)
No way! You could totally be a...
- I am so screwed. - What do you actually wanna do?
Physics. I love Science, primarily physics.
My idol is Neil deGrasse Tyson.
You don't know...?!
He's a famous astrophysicist!
And he's black!
You actually like physics?
Well, I like living and physics is life, so yes,
yes, indeed, I like physics.
Man, I wish we could change places.
Everyone expects me to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist...
I have this physics exam tomorrow and I know I just can't do it.
Everyone's gonna think I'm a failure.
Uh, physics exam? Well, which branch?
Classical mechanics, thermodynamics, or mechanics?
Electrotechnics or...(gasps) Oooh...relativity.
The normal version?
Do you know anything about physics?
Heh. Yeah!
Like, Albert Einstein...equals...MC...Hammer?
I have a three on three basketball tournament with my cousins tomorrow.
If I can't play, I will never hear the end of it.
You train me in basketball, and I'll tutor you for the test!
I don't know man. You really suck at basketball.
(scoffs) And you don't know the difference between PV=NRT
and P=F/A.
Wait...did you just cuss at me?!
Hey! Don't use your urban slang on me!
♪ (rap music) ♪
♪ Okay, I’m faded, I’m blown, I’m jaded, I’m cold ♪
♪ Tell these [censored] they outdated ♪
♪ I done made it up on my own ♪
♪ Got my eyes all up on that thrown ♪
♪ Don’t let me get in my zone ♪
♪ It’s my time, it’s my time ♪
♪ Don’t let me get in my zone ♪
♪ And I'm representin' my city (city) ♪
♪ I’m guided up on my feet ♪
♪ While I’m pressing up on these cities ♪
♪ On my knees when I touch down ♪
♪ I call to get in that t-bone (whoo!) ♪
♪ My money long, your money short ♪
♪ I call it Danny Devito (Yeah!) ♪
♪ I keep them [censored] thirsty, I got verses for you lames ♪
♪ Bitch, I’m perfect with a frame, with a hearse I put your name on it ♪
♪ Black roses, black roses ♪
♪ Put them [inaudible], [inaudible] ♪
♪ All I need is a team with a bad [inaudible] ♪
♪ Come take a look, [censored], I’m a star ♪
♪ Won’t you get your pretty [censored] up in my car? (in my car?) ♪
♪ Come take a look, bitch, I’m a star ♪
♪ Everywhere we go they know just who we are ♪
♪ I be rolling like it’s summertime ♪
♪ Confident this summer's mine ♪
♪ True religion, Nike swooshes, [classes full of] Jordon size ♪
♪ Laughing so crazy since a [censored] signing dirty lines ♪
♪ Receiving more respect than Jerry Rice with them 49s ♪
♪ Lonely on the road to riches, haters paying dollar signs ♪
♪ Success is like those black people showing [only on time] ♪
♪ I hustle like I’m d roped, man I keep a cold down ♪
♪ Sharper than a porcupine, should have my own probe ♪
♪ And I let them dream, they start, me wake ‘em ♪
♪ They serve like wakitas, [I took cold, taught me reading] ♪
♪ [Now ???] ♪
♪ I be clean [as while] she got me soon ♪
♪ [Hands down,] oh, she got me seen ♪
♪ Bills on top, put bills like I was born into the office ♪
♪ No shoes on my feet, working hard all week ♪
♪ Looking def so long, money's up in my sleeve ♪
♪ [And one time I’m skipping mine] ♪
♪ Make so much stretch with that sunshine ♪
♪ All the power and the hunger got me ready ♪
♪ So take a look, [censored], I'm a star (yeah!) ♪
♪ Won’t you get your pretty [censored] up in my car? (up in my car?) ♪
♪ Come take a look ♪
♪ Everywhere we go they know just who we-- ♪
(ball bounces away)
You know, we did only train for an afternoon.
You can't be too hard on yourself, man.
Yeah. I guess so.
How'd you do on the test?
Yeah! Yeah.
Well, you know, we did only study for a couple hours.
I guess we just can't be what the world expects.
Guess we'll just have to let the world down.
By being awesome at what we love.
You know, I haven't tried rapping yet.
Dude, please don't! (sighing)
♪ (rap music) ♪
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- Wow! - That was for humor.
Dude, even I can shoot better than that.
- Oh my god! - That was also for humor.
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Wong Fu Productions: Do you love your job? - Job Expectations

22866 Folder Collection
Bryan Pai published on August 30, 2014    Derrick translated    cindychen0729 reviewed
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