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  • How many verbs about cooking do you know?

  • Here are four.

  • First, bring the sauce to the boil.

  • 'Bring to'.

  • If you bring something to the boil, then you heat it up until it bubbles.

  • Remember to put the direct object before 'to'.

  • Now, mix in some herbs.

  • Using a spoon to combine the herbs with the sauce is called mixing in.

  • Then set aside to cool down.

  • Two verbs here.

  • 'Set aside' means 'to move something away from where you are working and leave it alone'.

  • If you cool something down, its temperature reduces.

  • These last three are phrasal verbs.

  • You can either put the direct object in the middle of the verb or at the end.

  • So, you can bring things to the boil in a pan, mix them in with a spoon and set them aside by a window to cool down.

How many verbs about cooking do you know?

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4 verbs for cooking - English In A Minute

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