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At least 24 people have been killed and 271 injured in a series of massive underground
gas blasts in Taiwan.
The explosions, caused by a gas leak, sent flames shooting 15 storeys into the air, setting
entire buildings ablaze and reducing small shops to rubble.
The huge plumes of smoke can be seen rising as the fires claimed the lives of more than
20 people including four firefighters.
At least five blasts shook the streets of the south-west port city of Kaohsiun and the
Central Disaster Emergency Operation Centre said police and soldiers had been drafted
in to help firefighters tackle the blaze.
Many of those injured have been taken to a local hospital. However, emergency services
are still looking for people they believe are trapped under the rubble.
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Taiwan gas explosion kills 24, injures 271

1804 Folder Collection
con7890 published on August 9, 2014
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