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  • Hello! I'm Kōki,.

  • Today, I'm going to show you what's in my bag.

  • I'm a kind of person who doesn't really pack light.

  • This is what's in my bag.

  • Am I starting with this one?

  • In this day and age, I'm always carrying a mask case.

  • Because I have naturally sensitive skin,on top of a cloth mask, I wear a non-woven mask.

  • This is kind of an emergency mini-bag.

  • I've got some cough drops in it, eye drops, plasters and so on.

  • Wireless earbuds.

  • I love listening to music.

  • On my way to work, in my break time in a photo shoot, etc.,

  • I use these anytime and anywhere.

  • I've been listening toBaby, I Love You,” a song by Aretha Franklin a lot recently.

  • When I want to take a note, this is very useful.

  • I have a tiny pencil in this box.

  • A good thing about this is that papers can be torn apart piece by piece.

  • This is from my Mom.

  • In case I should write something down, she gave this to me.

  • Some snacks.

  • For when I get a little bit hungry,

  • I usually have some nuts, dried fruits and dried potatoes.

  • Actually, I love dried potatoes.

  • When I feel a bit hungry and I eat some, I can feel satisfied.

  • So, I'm always carrying these two with me.

  • An eyeshadow palette.

  • This colors are my recent favorites.

  • I've been often using natural colors, like this gold and brown.

  • Tiny lipsticks of ESTEE LAUDER.

  • Today, I have two colors, natural beige and bright red.

  • Items of this size can save space for some others in my makeup bag.

  • I can't help collecting mini-sized items.

  • I'm a hunter of miniatures.

  • I like loose gemstones.

  • And I have a collection of loose gemstones at home.

  • I pick one out of them before going out, and I always carry it with me like a charm.

  • Today, I chose this one.

  • This is a Gua Sha sculptor.

  • Before a photo shoot or while traveling by car, I massage my neck like this.

  • It's quite important to improve the lymph flow, you know.

  • I usually massage my neck and my collarbones with this.

  • Here's my wallet.

  • This tiny sized wallet is my favorite.

  • When I went to Rome, Italy, I just fell in love with this wallet at first sight.

  • My phone wallpaper is my sister's picture when she was a baby.

  • When I get a little bit tired and I check my phone, it always makes me feel better.

  • That's why I chose this picture.

  • My Mom has been taking care of my health and making well-balanced meals.

  • I've started to read this book to learn more about nutrition by myself.

  • Last, a perfume.

  • A perfume is essential for me.

  • When I want to refresh myself, or when I want to switch myself on, I need it.

  • I'm always having it with me as my partner.

  • Actually, I really like this bag.

  • My name is embroidered right here.

  • A bag is kind of like my buddy.

  • It's always been traveling around and making memories with me.

  • Heels

  • Tea

  • Paris

  • It's hard to choose

  • Both!

  • Jazz

  • Art

  • Cool face

  • Yogurt

  • Designer

  • Mmm… I think I look back.

  • Please check out other videos on the VOGUE JAPAN channel.

Hello! I'm Kōki,.

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