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  • A Chinese warship

  • Is tracked by Japan and Taiwan

  • Is a new alliance forming?

  • Welcome to China Uncensored, I'm Chris Chappell.

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  • The Chinese Communist Party is engaged  in territorial disputes with basically  

  • all of its neighbors. The  problem for China is, sometimes,  

  • when you bully people too much, they  eventually start to team up. Against you.

  • And that may be what's  happening with Taiwan and Japan.

  • It seems like Taiwan and Japan  teamed up to track a Chinese warship.

  • Both sides are being pretty quiet  about it, but here's what we know.

  • According to a Japanese Defense Ministry  announcement, a Chinese warship, the Binzhou,  

  • was caught in the East China Sea. That's where  China and Japan have a territorial dispute  

  • over some uninhabited islands. It sailed  through what's called the Miyako Strait.

  • The Binzhou sailed through the narrow  waters between Taiwan and Japan's  

  • Westernmost inhabited island, YonaguniThat's only 70 miles from Taiwan's coast.

  • Three Japanese ships tracked it. But on  May 1, this satellite image was released.  

  • It shows that a Taiwanese warship was  also there, tracking the Chinese ship.

  • Taipei's Apple Daily described it as  the first joint surveillance operation  

  • between Taiwan and Japan.”

  • However, Taiwan's defense ministry didn't  confirm that. It just said they track any  

  • Chinese warship sailing through designated  areas. And remember, it was close to Taiwan.

  • A Taiwan defense official said, the  Binzhou's “crew was likely on a training and  

  • intelligence-gathering mission,” and “'did not  pose a serious threat' to Taiwan's security.'”

  • I mean, not a serious threat, other than  the fact China has promised to conquer  

  • Taiwan. Which is what all China's training  and intelligence-gathering missions are for.

  • And China's People's Liberation  Army didn't stop there.

  • While the Binzhou warship was sailing between  Taiwan and Japan, five Chinese fighter jets  

  • flew into Taiwan's air defense identification  zonethis time between Taiwan and the Philippines.

  • According to Taipei's Defense Ministry,  

  • a Chinese Y-8 anti-submarine warfare  aircraft crossed the Bashi Channel.”

  • The Bashi Channel the Chinese aircraft flew overand the Miyako Strait the Binzhou sailed through,  

  • are both very important strategic locations.

  • They're among the few waterways the Chinese  military has of exiting the first island chain.  

  • They can be used to give or cut off access  between the South China Sea and the Pacific.

  • In other words, these are territorial  waters the Chinese Communist Party  

  • must take in order to secure a grip on the  region. So the Communist Party is being  

  • very clear about its long-term goals. Which are  obviously concerning to both Japan and Taiwan.

  • And while the two countries don't  have official diplomatic relations,  

  • there are signs that ties are warming.

  • Yes, despite Japan having  occupied Taiwan for 50 years,  

  • they can still be friends. And  for that, you can thank China.

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  • Once again, I'm Chris Chappell. See you next time.

A Chinese warship

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Did Taiwan and Japan Team Up to Track Chinese Warship?

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