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  • Hi, I'm Neil Diamond and this is how I do my everyday hair every night.

  • I sleep with my hair in two braids.

  • So I have a really, really long hair as you can see, and it's super thick and I very much believe that long hair is actually secretly the most low maintenance hair and it's because I don't, there are a lot of things you can do with it, so that's why I like having my long hair and usually I shower, I'm a night shower person, so I shower at night and then my hair is wet and then I do it in these two long braids and it has the added benefit of making me look like Wednesday Adams when I sleep, which I'm very into like to have a look when I sleep also.

  • Um and then in the morning I take it out, which is really great, my hair gets really tang li and so there's one condition that I've been using since I was like 16 years old and it's kind of the only one I use.

  • And it's the Garni fruity sits in the green bottle.

  • It's very important to me.

  • Also, I brush my hair in the shower, so I use a brush.

  • Well my hair is wet under the water because it really helps with tangles.

  • I got this at Cbs I think, and then I usually put a spray a freeze spray.

  • So I like this rio Geo.

  • I'm probably saying that wrong farewell phrase leave in conditioning spray.

  • So I spray that all over, brush my hair and then put it in these two long braids and it's actually really not looking.

  • It's best.

  • I slept with my four year old son last night and he hits my head while I sleep.

  • So he's kind of ruining my hair routine, but usually it looks a little neater than this.

  • I've always had long hair my entire life, basically.

  • I actually have had a few moments where I've cut it short, it's always very impulsive.

  • I like go to the hairstyle and I'm like, I have to have it all off right now.

  • It's usually in the summer when I'm really hot because it's sort of like wearing a fur hat all the time, having this much hair.

  • So I've had a few impulsive moments, but my hair just keeps coming back.

  • She loves me, she grows back thicker.

  • Um It's a very good problem to have.

  • I'm very blessed with having a lot of hair.

  • I just had babies.

  • I just had twins five months ago in october and my hair while I'm pregnant gets even thicker and then postpartum crazy shedding.

  • So this is actually post shedding hair.

  • Okay, so now I'm going to take out my braids, which is what I do every morning.

  • So I put these, I put too little clips in here this morning because I was sleeping with my toddler, which is not what parenting instagram tells you you're supposed to do.

  • But he had a bad dream.

  • So it was a bad parent and I definitely messed it up sleeping in his bed.

  • Yeah, Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • All right.

  • Yeah.

  • So I really like the way that the braids give me.

  • If I was feeling super extra, I could take a heat tool and just get the top parts here.

  • But most days I don't really have time for that.

  • And then I do this thing, which I think I saw in a movie once it just lifts at the root cause definitely when you have those braids tight to your face, it can feel a little little severe and then sometimes they'll do a little flip just to bring the life back to my hair.

  • Then here we are.

  • I tend to avoid too many products in my hair if I'm doing it myself honestly.

  • Mostly cause I don't really know what to do with them.

  • Um, if I'm getting my hair done, I'm very happy with product that kind of my hair like will absorb a lot.

  • The only thing I'll sometimes use, I'll use that leave in conditioner again, the farewell frizz and I'm kind of like just give it a little spray and pat it down if it's a humid day out.

  • I'm trying to avoid some bridges.

  • So usually my hair is a little much to be in my face while I'm working all day, so I'll do a half up.

  • So I just kind of grab a little bit of my hair and twist it back.

  • If you look closely, you can see all the hair breakage, postpartum at my temples, which comes back.

  • So don't worry if it happens to you and then I'll just use a bow, a big bow girl and put it back like that.

  • Then I'm nice to meet up top.

  • I was a big middle part person before gen Z told me to, so I'm feeling pretty cool about that.

  • I grew up in London and even though I'm american, my parents, my parents are american, but I grew up in London almost my whole life and when I was a teenager, I really, really wanted a crazy color hair.

  • Um it was all the rage in London when I was in middle and high school and I wanted to dip my hair so I wanted to dip my hair in like purple or pink and I had all these friends who were doing and it looked so cool, but it just, I don't think my color is the right color to be dipped.

  • So I've had a few favorite things that I've done with my hair in the past, I have done, I love a good costume party for Halloween ones, I did a crazy bun on the top of my head and it was really cool, but it was so heavy that I literally lasted like 30 minutes of the party because I had the most intense headache of my life, which can be tough with a ton of hair and then I love my hair on my wedding too.

  • It was, I got a little lift on my crown, which was really, really fun, A little bit of teasing, teasing can be great um and that hairstyle took a lot, took a long time, but I find it very relaxing to get to get my hair done when I was 10 years old.

  • I think maybe a preteen.

  • My older brother used to make fun of me because he said when my hair is in front of my shoulders like this, I look like a springer spaniel dog and once you see that you can't unsee it.

  • So robert.

  • Here you go.

  • Here's me with springer spaniel ears in front of in front of my face.

  • Very attractive.

  • So thank you guys so much for following along on my morning hair routine.

  • I'm feeling ready to go to work, ready to have a day at the computer.

  • I've got my bow which is like my power suit, but I have my bow, I'm ready to take on the day, I'm feeling pretty good.

  • So thank you.

  • Bye.

  • Where?

  • Yeah.

  • Uh huh.

  • Yeah.

Hi, I'm Neil Diamond and this is how I do my everyday hair every night.

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