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  • what is something that you feel pressure about?

  • I'd like to scrap rather that I don't feel pressure when I'm swimming at school And you have to swim in the five sweet zone one in soccer, taking a free kick gym class.

  • People rushing me a question of my math test.

  • My parents want me to get to school on time, not doing my home, where I got in time getting good grades in school school and balancing it with other things becoming an adult and have to get a job.

  • I think I feel pressure about being a good friend going to college because I don't know if that's what I want to do, not being able to make people happy, figuring out what I want to do for my career.

  • I've learned to not put pressure on myself.

  • Um, just letting life steer me, meeting everybody's expectations and their meeting my own expectations to achieve some sort of greatness that I think a lot of people see or expect or want for me, I want to go home to the Philippines.

  • I like it here in America, but you know, I got to go back home, that's my place, that's where my heart is and just not being secure about that future makes me really scared.

  • I would say for a while being pressured by my family to graduate from college as fast as possible.

  • Being successful, sometimes I'm not too sure if I'm ready for commitment and so I feel that kind of pressure.

  • That's big pressure for me Making it before I turned 30.

  • Whether or not people like me to be a successful example that honors all of my ancestors, struggles not to waste time to live, live fully, not have any regrets being successful to be successful, just performing at my startup as an artist.

  • It's always hard to kind of balance the artistic goals with being able to financially support family.

  • Being successful and not failing, challenging myself.

  • Like, when you have to have a lot to do in a day, I feel pressure to perform, being responsible and accountable for my own actions, getting married, being successful, to reach my full potential, making uh, my family proud most of the pressure experiences self inflicted and it's basically self inflicted pressure to succeed at the projects that I'm working on, money, learning math, pressure to succeed, fulfilling my purpose.

  • I feel pressure at my job, doing a good job, making sure my Children are on track.

  • I'm the worst critic ever.

  • So that's my pressure, being remorse critic for myself, taking care of my family and my extended family, keeping my life intact, keeping my family intact finances.

  • I'm constantly worried about paying the bills.

  • I feel pressured in being forced to conform to the standards of society.

  • Just keeping my head above water, financially, that kind of thing.

  • Just financial pressure, pressure to succeed.

  • Once you give a certain situation and circumstance, you're all uh, are you gonna be rewarded for your efforts?

  • I'm responsible for the care of my mother, um, and her overall well being.

  • And so it puts pressure on me to do the right thing, by her achieving my goals, getting everything done that I'm supposed to be doing in my work and yet having enough time to make sure that my family knows how much I care for them.

  • Nothing.

  • Nowadays, it's the, uh, everyday life, trying to do the right thing.

  • Waiting for one of my two daughters to call me to either say they've now had war with my ex wife and or they are looking for money from daddy, get things right.

  • Two continue to be a good example for my Children finances.

  • I don't feel any pressure about anything, the pressure to do the right things to stay mentally and physically and spiritually happy, completing projects and missions that I start nothing, not really being able to two be with my kids and grandkids, H and every day.

  • That gives me a lot of pressure not to be taken too seriously.

what is something that you feel pressure about?

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