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  • 1968 a group of innovative educators founded the International baccalaureate, or IB for short, an educational nonprofit organization based in Geneva Switzerland.

  • Its principles are based on the pedagogy of Marie Torres Moret.

  • She believed that all Children should gain a global perspective on our world before they study at their own national history.

  • Children should further always practice two languages to learn a second form of communication and with it a new mode of thinking inherent to the second language schools that meet the standards.

  • Can partner with the I.

  • B.

  • Organization for a fee.

  • They can be certified and then offer their students in international education that is valid all over the world.

  • The goal to provide kids with the intellectual, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a globalizing world.

  • I'd be programs encourage personal and academic achievement.

  • They are fun and academically challenging at first and highly demanding.

  • Later.

  • Currently there are four different programs.

  • One the Primary Years programme, this is for kids between 3 to 12 and is designed to encourage the Children to ask some of life's big questions.

  • How does the world work?

  • Who am I, How can we build a sustainable society?

  • In addition, there are six classic subject areas, such as language, maths, social studies, science, art, and physical exercise To the middle years programme designed for teenagers ranging from 11 to 16.

  • It asks us to understand ourselves in a global context.

  • We learn about our identity, culture, relationships, as well as globalization and sustainability.

  • In addition, there are now also design literature and health.

  • Three, the Diploma program.

  • This is a two year program for students aged 16 to 19 who seek a certified qualification to enter a university or another higher education institution.

  • In addition to six elective classes, it consists of three core subjects, one extended essay, Writing's four words, two theory of knowledge, in which students learn to reflect on the nature of their own knowledge, and three creativity, action and service to learn creative thinking for experience and social work.

  • For the career related program.

  • It aims to prepare students for the professional world and help them identify career options To pass it.

  • Students have to do to complete diploma programs, study personal and professional skills and advanced language and how to execute and learn from a big project.

  • Later they seek practical experience to get prepared for their first job or an internship.

  • Today.

  • Around 5000 schools all around the globe offer Aib programs.

  • Some I.

  • B.

  • Diploma students say it is a very stressful experience, with little time for anything else but studying all day and evenings.

  • Others say that it's hard work and challenging, but once they graduate they look back to a good and valuable time in their life.

  • What do you think about the Aib?

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1968 a group of innovative educators founded the International baccalaureate, or IB for short, an educational nonprofit organization based in Geneva Switzerland.

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The IB Program: The Global School Curriculum

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