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  • Hi there, I'm Ronnie and I don't know if you know this but I have a great thing to help you um I am offering private lessons online to help you improve your english speaking.

  • Yeah it's great.

  • Um English with Ronnie dot com is the website and I especially would like to share something that I learned um from my wonderful student and many wonderful students that I have about.

  • Something that I think is a very serious issue concerning people today.

  • Um Cyril, thank you for telling me all this information.

  • Um that's amazing, so if you want to tell me wonderful information, take lessons with me and let's get into this.

  • So um my student told me something about something called mobbing and you know I was thinking of mobbing.

  • What's that, what's that was mopping mopping?

  • Is it what's mobbing?

  • So um eventually um we got to the fact that mobbing is like bullying in the workplace.

  • So um a lot of people, we say burn out at work or they have a nervous breakdown but burning out is from doing too much work, but having a nervous breakdown is something completely different that needs to be addressed and this happens a lot in workplaces, it happens in school and the bullying continues to the workplace and it's called mobbing.

  • Um this makes people stressed out beyond belief, it causes them lot of mental issues and makes them basically unable to work and it's something that people shouldn't do.

  • Um people are different and that should be accepted what it isn't.

  • So mobbing is workplace bullying, psychological harassment of employees, It can be from people who are in a higher position, so maybe your manager or your boss is always insulting you, telling your stupid you can't do your job.

  • Hey, guess what?

  • This is illegal, They can't do that to you and you should seek some legal counseling, anybody know a good lawyer.

  • Um, but it's a very serious thing and we have to understand that is different from sexual harassment.

  • It's different from racial, Okay, So it has nothing to do with your race or your gender.

  • You could be the same race, different race.

  • You'd be the same gender, different gender.

  • It has to do with just people in power.

  • So we want to look at why people do this.

  • Um, maybe they're jealous.

  • Maybe you're different.

  • Maybe you have something that is a disability and people we say make fun of you, but it goes way beyond that because it causes some very bad effects.

  • So exactly what is mobbing?

  • How do you know if someone is actually doing this to you?

  • Well, the verbal comments, Oh, you're stupid.

  • You can't do this.

  • Uh, well, what's going on?

  • Um, actions or gestures?

  • So maybe you roll their eyes at you or maybe you come into the lunch room and nobody talks to you and you have to eat your lunch alone in the corner.

  • Like in high school.

  • Um Or maybe people are all talking, oh what are you doing the weekend?

  • All let's get together for a party.

  • But one person isn't included.

  • This is called ostracize ation.

  • So people ostracized you from the group.

  • It means they don't include you or they exclude you, they can insult you verbally.

  • Ah you're stupid.

  • Oh the boss didn't give you this job because you can't do it because of your ability.

  • So it's only at work and it's usually a group of people if it's one person.

  • Yeah you can.

  • No it's terrible.

  • But it's a group of people that kind of gang up on you and do this.

  • Um What happens to you?

  • You can get some serious psychological health issues.

  • They've been known to cause.

  • Marvin has been known to cause anxiety, clinical depression and PTSD PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder.

  • This is what soldiers get when they come out of combat.

  • And this happens in a workplace which could be seen as more.

  • Um So this is a very, very serious thing that has been in the courts recently.

  • There was a woman who, so uh a big corporation called walmart because her boss was constantly insulting her And she won a court case against him.

  • She didn't win as much money as she wanted.

  • It was 1.4 million.

  • She got 400 1000 walmart.

  • He can cough up a bit much more money.

  • Um It also has psychosomatic ailments that are involved.

  • It psychosomatic means physical illnesses um caused by stress or internal conflict.

  • So maybe you shake and you can't stop shaking.

  • You just shake because you're just so fried and you just you can't stop the the physical illnesses.

  • Um it's really noticeable and then people would make fun of you more and it would snowball, which means get bigger.

  • Um So what does all this say for companies?

  • Um companies now, for example, in some provinces of material, Canada in some countries actually have clear set rules and policies against mobbing.

  • And if they don't, they can get into a lot of trouble.

  • Um legal persecution.

  • That means you can take your company to court, okay, delayed it to walmart based on discrimination in the workplace.

  • So if this is happening your workplace, you have to tell people and you have to get involved and you have to get help because it is now a legal matter and it's not a healthy environment why people do this again.

  • At the beginning, I said about jealousy.

  • It could be that you're actually a very good worker and the boss favors you.

  • It could be that you are different from the other people and they make fun of you.

  • But regardless of the reason, if this is happening to you, please put an end to this and get some advice and get, well, all right, mm.

  • Let's all do this together.

  • Bye bye.

Hi there, I'm Ronnie and I don't know if you know this but I have a great thing to help you um I am offering private lessons online to help you improve your english speaking.

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