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  • Hey guys! I'm in Harajuku right now

  • And I just found the coolest yukata shop that I've ever seen

  • I've never seen anything like this!

  • They're totally different than the regular yukata that you see here in the summer

  • I asked the store keeper if I could do a little tour of his shop for you guys

  • This is what the shop looks like~

  • It's just a mini shop that they have set up here

  • Just for this month, so if you're in Japan

  • and you want one, make sure you come here before the 22nd when their shop closes

  • Check out the cool patterns of these yukata!

  • They're very modern

  • Barbed wire

  • Oh this one's gorgeous!

  • I want one so bad!

  • Is that bananas!?

  • Duuuude

  • My favourite is probably the origami pattern! How cool is that!?

  • That's awesome

  • It would be really nice to have one of these

  • Even if they're a little more pricey than the typical yukata

  • These look like they run at about 50,000 yen each

  • Which is about five hundred dollars American

  • But it's nice to have something cool

  • that you can wear to festivals here in the Summer

  • Check out this one

  • Now wait till you see the coolest part

  • The accessories that they have

  • Check out these obi!

  • These are not your typical obi

  • Bonus points if you can read this!

  • They even have super fancy ties

  • These are for the inside, when you're tying up the waist of your yukata

  • So you don't see these, they go underneath your final obi

  • But they even have super fancy ones for that!

  • Ahhh I want a set so bad!

  • Tokyo Tower!

  • Cute little bags for carrying your wallet

  • Buttons

  • It would be so fun to put together a whole outfit from here

  • It's so colourful

  • They also have geta

  • Check out these colourful geta!

  • I've never seen anything like this

  • They're usually just black or dark navy

  • Those neon pink ones are calling my name

  • These are handkerchiefs

  • and just check out these jackets!

  • Holy crap

  • These aren't for wearing with the yukata

  • These are totally something I would wear

  • I want this one so bad!!

  • This designer knows what he's doing. This is my kinda shop!

  • Some accessories like key chains and pens

  • Mahjong rings

  • They also have this style of matsuri wear

  • You saw me wearing the regular white version of this in my matsuri video

  • But you can get a naked lady version

  • Why wear white when you can wear naked ladies?

  • These are about $200 each

  • 19,000 yen for the shirt

  • They also have cute little sets for kids

  • Aww these are so adorable

  • Awww

  • You can find the designer on instagram at natsuki_shigeta

  • So if you're in Harajuku before July 22nd and you would like a gorgeous yukata

  • Check out this shop, totally recommend it!

  • A little pricier than usual, but obviously you get what you pay for

  • Thanks for watching, and I hope you guys enjoyed that!

  • See you soon, bye!

Hey guys! I'm in Harajuku right now

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Tour of a Funky Japanese YUKATA Shop | TSUKIKAGEYA 月影屋 ゆかた

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    Summer posted on 2021/04/24
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