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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with

  • your pronunciation question so many words today we have

  • bow a bending of the body and reverence bow a knot with loops or a weapon

  • bowl a round dish bolt bar that slides into a socket

  • and bold meaning strong or a risk taker let's take a look at these words

  • let's start with bow because that one is going to be different

  • all of these words are going to start with the b and to do that put your lips

  • together open them voice box is on and moving ba

  • for bow you're going to open and then pucker ow ow ow

  • bow bow bow for bow you are going to think about moving

  • right to that pucker bow bow

  • bow so again for bow gonna really open wide

  • and then for bow you're gonna keep your mouth a little more closed and just move

  • to that pucker bow bow bow

  • bow and now for bowl you are just going to add that l by then

  • touching the tip of your tongue with the to the back of your top front

  • teeth hold it there for a second and make it a lot longer than you think you

  • need to so you can really hear it bowl bowl

  • bowl and now for bolt once you say bowl just pull your tongue

  • down for that t and that's a soft sound your voice box

  • is not on bolt bolt

  • bolt and for bold what you're going to do is turn the

  • voice box on for that d sound bold bold

  • bold let's give this all a try bow bow bowl

  • bolt bold and backwards bold

  • bolt bowl bow bow so give it a try

  • i know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful we

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  • options at tarle speech thanks so much everyone have a great week

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with

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