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  • At the moment I'm quite Lady Diana, I don't know if you've noticed?

  • 'Pretty Woman' of course.

  • It's a great film.

  • It's iconic because we all dream to meet a man like that,

  • who captivates us, who takes us away.

  • I was very young when I saw it and it's a film I've seen a lot since.

  • Recently, I would say Daniel Craig who plays James Bond.

  • I can say that I've acted with James Bond.

  • I think he's great in the role of James Bond.

  • He has managed to give depth to his character,

  • to make the character of James Bond quite interesting.

  • He's brought fragility, vulnerability.

  • Today he is James Bond and I think he's even succeeded,

  • even if Sean Connery remains the most well-known,

  • he's managed to change this character

  • and make something very interesting.

  • An iconic fashion designer... how can I not say Nicolas Ghesquière?

  • The last show he did with Milena Canonero,

  • who is a great film costume designer, who I've worked with

  • on Wes Anderson's films.

  • I found this fashion show sublime.

  • What was so good

  • was this mix of stage costumes with Nicolas's very modern, very trendy clothes.

  • It gave an incredible dimension to the show.

  • It was a real show, it was beyond a normal fashion show.

  • Mine!

  • Léa Seydoux, she is incredible.

  • The Fifth Element,

  • she can really do anything.

  • I think they are all very beautiful, but it's true that there is one photo...

  • There is a very cinematic aspect.

  • This is a beautiful one.

  • At the moment I'm quite Lady Diana, I don't know if you've noticed.

  • Otherwise, I also like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

  • she's very chic.

  • On the red carpet, I do like the golden age of Hollywood.

  • Grace Kelly.

  • The glamorous and timeless look.

  • My childhood icon is Michael Jackson.

  • The first time I saw him was on television

  • I think I must have been four years old.

  • It was the video for 'Smooth Criminal'.

  • There is something in his music that reaches the sublime,

  • the sacred.

  • Beyond being talented and a genius,

  • he has something that affects the whole world.

  • Marlon Brando.

  • He's like Michael Jackson, there is something in his presence

  • that overwhelms me.

  • I think it is this very rough nature.

  • This kind of wildness and at the same time, this refinement,

  • this sensitivity he had.

  • I love A Streetcar Named Desire and when he calls her from down the stairs,

  • when he shouts 'Stella', it's an iconic scene.

  • And he actually made a music video with Michael Jackson.

  • He was friends with Michael Jackson.

  • It's great to see them together, it's funny.

  • I would also sayrard Depardieu.

  • rard Depardieu too, there is something like that,

  • a kind of nature.

  • In fact, I see wild people

  • who have, precisely thanks to art, cinema and literature,

  • shaped their ways of thinking.

  • That's what touches me a lot.

  • 'Larité si je mens'.

  • "A date, you don't know what a date is?"

  • It's so funny "Date".

  • In 'Lere Noël est une ordure' too :

  • rolled up 'doubitchous' under the armpits.

  • "Yes, indeed, there's a little taste of handmade food.

  • "Yes, yes, it's handmade, it's hand-rolled under the armpits."

  • Thank you Vogue Paris.

At the moment I'm quite Lady Diana, I don't know if you've noticed?

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