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  • Hi, I'm calling me and watch E.

  • And this is everything I eat in a day.

  • Yeah, so the first thing I do when I wake up is usually get a glass of water usually have, like a cup of water next to my bed stand.

  • I'll just drink that before I head downstairs to the kitchen.

  • After I have my glass of water, I'll meditate.

  • I'll do some stretching and then I'll do like 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, just getting my mind right.

  • I'll play meditation music and just spend some time with myself.

  • I'm not really a breakfast person.

  • If I am really hungry, it's normally leftovers.

  • I'll heat up some leftovers.

  • It could be anything from like chicken wings and pork fried rice, and it could be Mexican food.

  • But if I am going to cook, it's just like scrambled eggs and bacon.

  • I'm a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast.

  • If I'm making it, if I'm eating it, it's whatever is in front of me.

  • So I am a coffee drinker and I drink it for fuel, so I drink an espresso.

  • Normally, it's a quadruple shot.

  • Espresso.

  • I'll even pour a little bit of water oat milk in it just to cool it down so I can drink it fast enough.

  • I think coffee is absolutely disgusting.

  • I don't I don't like the taste of it at all.

  • So I'll dilute it with anything, just just to chuck it down really quickly.

  • There is no typical lunch for me.

  • It could be anything from sushi to a cheeseburger, chicken breast and vegetables with some starch.

  • It's whatever I crave, really, is what I eat.

  • I can be a big snacker, but it's normally sour patch watermelon pink starburst.

  • Only the pink flavor.

  • There's these things called power curls.

  • It's like these protein version of like Cheetos almost.

  • And then there's these truffled almonds from Trader Joe's that are amazing.

  • Typical dinner.

  • It could be anything seared.

  • Piece of steak could be Ethiopian cuisine.

  • It can be oxtails from Jamaica.

  • I'm more of a craving type of person, so there's no there's no like regimen.

  • It's It's what I'm craving.

  • That's what I have to eat.

  • I'm not really a dessert person.

  • Honestly, it's just ice cream.

  • If anything, just a scoop of ice cream.

  • Jeni's ice cream.

  • Jenny's Is it for me for ice cream.

  • It's just solid.

  • It's just It's so creamy.

  • I love the Bramble berry crisp.

  • They have this everything bagel ice cream flavor that is surprisingly delicious.

  • I have, like, six flavors downstairs right now in my freezer, and I'll have a spoonful every night.

  • I don't like bitter flavors, so phrase a ridiculous broccolini.

  • Coffee, bitter melon.

  • I don't like bitter flavors at all, so I tried to just stay away from them at all costs.

  • I gotta always have some sort of chilies, some Citrus garlic time.

  • Those are the things that I have to have at all times.

  • That's the time this is.

  • This is where the fighting happens.

  • My favorite food city has got to be in New York City.

  • It has everything you need.

  • There's so many different restaurants.

  • You don't even have to go to the same restaurant again.

  • Whatever food you want, whatever flavor you're going for, there's something there for you.

  • In New York City, I go to comfort Meal is chicken wings and pork fried rice from the Chinese shop.

  • It's timeless.

  • It just reminds me of home.

  • You know, we have a lot of these Chinese takeout spots in New York City and all the boroughs.

  • So it's something that if I'm feeling sad or I'm feeling really happy, that's the dish that I always have to have.

  • I can't talk about the food on top, Chef.

  • We know that.

  • Good try.

  • Good try.

  • But I think just the diversity that was there, it was something I haven't seen before.

  • Having chefs that have concentrations and Caribbean cuisine or African cuisine or Haitian.

  • I hope that's a trend and we're trending up.

  • That's everything I eat in a day.

  • So be sure to check out my book notes from a young black chef.

  • It's just been adapted for a young adult version.

  • So now there's an opportunity for everyone to read it.

  • Thank you for signing in.

  • Mhm, Yeah, mhm, Mhm.

Hi, I'm calling me and watch E.

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