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Some people think branding is only about logos and graphics.
Branding got its name, after all,
when a heated piece of iron met a cow's hide.
But B2B branding has become so much more.
At Godfrey, we think of your B2B brand
as a symbolic representation of your company.
From the way you make your products
to the way you answer the phone.
It's the sum total of everything you do
to interact with your customers, your suppliers,
your audience, your market, your world.
It's shorthand for their total experience.
To be most effective, your brand has to stand for something.
Represent all that you have to offer a customer.
Show your position -- real and aspirational -- in the market.
Reflect your values. Say who you really are.
It has to come from inside your organization as well as outside.
It needs to be captured in the way you treat your people
as well as the way you treat your customers.
In the office. Across the street. And around the world.
It's not once and done. It's day in and day out.
Years and even decades.
And it's for real.
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B2B Branding Strategy Video

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Anni published on August 3, 2014    劉星倩 translated    Vivian Lam reviewed
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