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  • Hey, I'm Michael Russell from The Oregonian, and we're here in Southeast Portland at Mid-City Smash Burger.

  • What is a smash burger? It's exactly what it sounds like.

  • It's a burger patty that you smash down with a heavy metal weight; it makes it very thin and very crispy.

  • They put American cheese on top of that, put them together, it's basically a double quarter pounder.  

  • Beautiful burger, they use Franz's buns - It's one of my favorite smash burgers in town, and that's why we're here.

  • My name is Mike Aldridge. I'm the owner of Mid-City Smash Burger.

  • We're on 11th and Southeast Stark in Portland, Oregon.

  • The last few years, like, Portland's been known for big, like, bulkymessy hamburgers.

  • And even when I was in New Orleans, I couldn't find, like, a smalleatable cheeseburger that wasn't, you know, McDonald's or Burger King or something like thatand so I started making them one night for some friends over some drinks and cocktails andyou know, the next thing I knew I was selling them off my porch a couple weeks later.

  • I had someone that had a truck, and I was like I'm gonna move back to Portland and do the burger thing back there.

  • The name stuck. I was living in Mid-City New Orleans and so after we got this spot, it seemed kind of perfect because we're kind of right in the middle of Portland now too.

  • It's a small amount of beef pressed really thin on a really hot griddle surfaceand the idea is to get a sear across all of it with nice crispy edges.

  • So, I kind of mix a bunch of different seasonings that I found work really well together.  

  • We use, like, a heavy-duty, like, Dexter paint scraper withthick handle - We've already broken two of them.

  • It's a super fun process, you know, all of our forearms are kind of sore right now because it's a lot of this the whole time.

  • When people are asking me how to cook this in your house, the first thing I say is get a bottle of degreaser, and then turn your fire alarm off because it gets really smoky and really greasy.

  • People get nervous, and you don't get the right sear.

  • You know, we get the fat from the cheese and the sauce and the richness of the bun.  

  • Smash sauce is a mayo and mustard base, for the most part. There's like 16 ingredients in it.

  • For me, like, that's the real star of the show. The burger is just kind of a vessel for the sauce.

  • But everything works really well together because you get the crunchiness from the burger and the onions, and there's just, basically everything you'd want on a burger is in the sauce.

  • Super simple, you know, our menu is only three items long.  

  • So, this is just a fun, easy to eat cheeseburger.

  • You know, it's fast food but it's good, local fast food.

  • We've sold almost 2,500 burgers in a month andhalf, so, I mean, it speaks for itself, I guess.

  • Is it good?

  • It's so good, such a good burger.

Hey, I'm Michael Russell from The Oregonian, and we're here in Southeast Portland at Mid-City Smash Burger.

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