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  • Hello, Welcome to BBC World News.

  • In the last few minutes, the British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, has said that the killing of unarmed civilians and children in Myanmar represents a new low.

  • At least 60 people have died.

  • The crackdown came on Armed Forces Day when the military junta held a parade to show off its strength.

  • The country's Senior General said the military would protect the people and strive for democracy.

  • Our correspondent, Laura Baker, reports from Bangkok.

  • Defiant, determined and undaunted even when faced with bullets.

  • They scream in protest, armed with sticks and slingshots. Street battles sprung up in over 40 towns and cities across the country.

  • Protesters sheltered behind makeshift barriers in their neighborhoods, but the gunfire at times appeared relentless.

  • One by one, they carried and counted their injured and dead.

  • This is the deadliest day since the military staged its coup on February 1st.

  • State TV had issued this chilling warning.

  • To the youth who own the future:

  • You should learn from the tragedy of earlier ugly deaths that you can be in danger of getting shot in the head and back, convince and prevent your friends before doing something wrong.

  • Earlier the Generals had gathered in celebration of Armed Forces Day and in his address, Myanmar's military leader, General Min Aung Hlaing, promised the country would hold elections.

  • Violent acts that affects stability and security in order to make demands are inappropriate.

  • But the people of Myanmar want their elected government back and appear ready to continue their protest, even if it means that their cities have to burn in the process.

  • Laura Baker, BBC News Bangkok.

  • A little earlier, I spoke to Kyaw Win, the Executive Director of the Burma Human Rights Network.

  • He gave me his assessment of today's events.

  • It's a massacre, it's not a crackdown anymore.

  • It is...

  • you see the whole country, you know, all the main roads and every city and town,

  • there isn't anywhere there is no one dead, no one killed, including five-year-old baby also killed,

  • and that means this vicious military has no limit.

  • You know, no ethics, no principle.

  • They will kill everyone who cross the line and they will cross every line, every limitation.

  • They don't...

  • they disregard and disrespect international law and they are committing crime against humanity.

  • How do you solve this crisis?

  • I mean, these people, the fascist military is the same military who commit 2017 Rohingya genocide, and they are now committing crime against humanity.

  • It is important that... the international community need to use all possible way to stop that route.

  • The military killing from, you know, massacring the civilians in Burma.

  • So we have no protection.

  • You know, the civilian people... the civilians are risking their lives every day, every minute.

  • -And the international community immediately need to impose arms embargo and block all the, you know, financial and resources everywhere from, you know, flowing to Burma. -Kyaw Win there.

Hello, Welcome to BBC World News.

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Dozens killed as Myanmar army shoots civilians in 'deadliest day' - BBC News

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