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  • Okay, You're on.

  • Oh, d M t I O Dent.

  • Hoberman pay that burden.

  • You both got your style.

  • But, brother, you're never fully dressed without a smile Your clothes may be Beau Brummel e They stand out a mile But, brother, you're never fully dressed without a smile.

  • Hahaha!

  • The lovely boiling sister Who cares what they're wearing on Main Street or Savile Row?

  • It's what you wear from here to here to here.

  • I'm not from head to toe that matters tonight as a special heart.

  • Second treat from that old heart Tugger himself.

  • Yours truly.

  • Bert Healy.

  • I'd like to introduce a little orphan.

  • A little orphan named Okay.

  • Yeah.

  • Who's that?

  • Who just walked into our Red Network studios Alert Healy.

  • Well, wacky is none other than the Wall Street tycoon Oliver Warbucks.

  • Thank you, Bert Healy.

  • It's swell.

  • Swell.

  • Do I say swell to be on the I o Didn't our I understand you're conducting a coast to coast search for Annie's parents.

  • Yeah, I told you that before we went on the Oh, yes.

  • But Healy, I am now conducting a coast to coast nationwide search for Annie's parents Drop pain Warbucks continued.

  • Furthermore, tonight I am offering a cash reward to Annie's parents.

  • $50,000 cash.

  • Oh, Mr Warbucks.

  • Oh, boy, Oh, boy.

  • 50,000.

  • So Annie's parents, If you're listening, please contact Oliver Warbucks Warbucks interrupts at my house.

  • Bert Healy 98 7/5 Avenue, New York City.

  • Thank you, Bert Healy and thank you all knew I Odenton the toothpaste with Miracle K 64 to fight Halle Halle Tulsa's for letting me talk to you this evening.

  • Goodnight, Bert Healy and good night for the Red Network Drop Hey, did I just do a commercial?

  • Let's go, d Oh!

Okay, You're on.

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