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  • so guys I'm Kobe Model Pranksters- and I'm JuzDin

  • today we're in new york city and we will go on the street to find two homeless people

  • put them up to an arm wrestle the winner gets a hundred dollars

  • Let's see what happens

  • hey, how are you doing? How's your day?

  • -yeah- How's it?

  • -you didn't get so much today-do the most I can

  • -slowly today? -yeah,sure

  • -What do you think it if would you wanna be part of a video and win one hundred dollars?- yeah, sure

  • -Maybe to buy pants or something- yeah new better pants

  • -new better pants. I'm Kobe,what;s your name?-Eric

  • -right there,ok right up,I got you,let's go

  • Let's got you another one

  • Spent 10 minutes looking for another in need

  • Found our guy

  • homeless I have no family I live on the streets

  • how are you,how are you today?

  • pretty crappy

  • -My name is Kobe. -I'm Robert

  • -Is it good day today,or? -No... pretty crappy

  • -pretty crappy-yeah... -we are doing a video and you can possibly to win a hundred dollar,do you wanna.. do you want that money?

  • -check it out, probably it can help you out, you never know if you can win -yeah, i will go and check it out

  • okay, come with us

  • Uh...this way ....

  • -I normally make $ 6 a day-6$, woah

  • it's tough

  • so we brought you guys here today you have no clue what's going on right

  • All you know is that you will win $ 100

  • wthat's going on is actually you guys gonna be the arm wrestling each other

  • whoever wins takes all the money,whoever doesn't win goes home empty-handed(who do you think is going to win?)

  • -you guys are ready first - Do it

  • -alright -alright

  • But wait there cash though because even the loser is gonna fifty dollars

  • ok guys I want a straight fight,clean. just no biting no punching straight arms

  • ready, 5,4,3,2 and 1

  • ohEric,Robert he's got a lead on Robert. going Robbert Robert Robert is going

  • Eric is coming back at it. Look at it this is intense getting there he's going and he wins

  • -Take the money,man, just like the promise,Eric,hundred dollars for you-thank you

  • It's like what we said, hope that go somewhere with that

  • I thought if somebody needs the pants,Robert

  • I know how do you spend ,work and tough. We wanna move on

  • No,no, you won in the arm wrestle ,man

  • come on, we have to move on

  • -If you need it....- you're really insist sir

  • -that's all I want. Trust me and tell me.....

  • wow you guys you guys are you I don't even know each other right

  • this is like one of the most inspirational scene I've ever seen

  • because you guys,you just won 100 dollars and gave to him even you don't even know him

  • and you're helping him and when you don't even have a lot have yourself

  • Honestly,you guys are amazing

  • and I do have another hundred I want to give you another hundred bill

  • get more clothes get something take care,dude. really like amazing

  • just help yourself out, man right? Robert you too

  • -Take care,alright? -get yourself something to eat and go to stay the hotel, or everything whatever you need to do alright?

  • Take care you guys, you guys are great

  • -stay safe, guys -stay safe

  • someone saw what happened and had to talk to us

  • the nicest thing is that the black guy did very well.

  • The black guy showed love

  • no one does really good

  • He gave the white guy lose but they both won

  • yeh,they both won that's I wanna ,(yeh,they both won)that's was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

  • he had money himsef and he gave him fifty dollar bill -exactly

  • off the top- we rarely see that

  • very, very,courage... courage,love, enthusiasm and guess what?

  • They was both winners!

so guys I'm Kobe Model Pranksters- and I'm JuzDin

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Making Homeless Guys Arm Wrestle For Money!

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