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  • before you watch this video, make sure to turn on your sound to hear this guy because he can speak backwards.

  • The South China's Dina.

  • I need sunglasses.

  • This is one of the weirdest languages I've ever heard.

  • And he is one of very few people who can do it.

  • Just who is this guy?

  • And what does autism have to do with speaking backwards?

  • We used to have lost my ass in North Carolina USA.

  • I found John No hamster cab with me on a national.

  • He laid Sena Highness daily.

  • I'm Sean and I'm the backwards man growing up, John was not a typical kid.

  • From very early on, he realized he was a little bit different from everybody else.

  • Maybe because he was on the autism spectrum.

  • No matter how much he tried to fit in, he failed.

  • I didn't discover to way later that I was on the autism spectrum.

  • People just always thought something was wrong with me.

  • No matter how hard I tried growing up, I never could fit in with the other kids.

  • It seemed like I was never as smart as them.

  • Never could be on the same page and over the years.

  • It really messed with my head, and it caused me to be really angry For a long time.

  • Autism gave John a lot of pain, but it also gave him a superpower.

  • It gave him the ability to focus.

  • One day, his record player broke down and started to play backwards, and that's when he discovered his superpower.

  • So he did what anyone would do when they love a song.

  • He sang along.

  • He sang one song, two songs, 10 songs.

  • America, God Shed, his Grace.

  • Um, when my record player broke down and I discovered how to play it backwards.

  • I just kind of found that the backwards music was better than the normal music because it was like another world.

  • And before he knew it, John could sing any song backwards and even speak any word in English, backwards to start.

  • Daddy keeps me up.

  • Mm, nickel.

  • I look at me, I am speaking.

  • My brain just picked up on the sound of the words backwards, the way they float and everything like it's speaking another language.

  • I just don't talk backwards.

  • I can think backwards and visualize things backwards and reverse as well, she said.

  • The a slash east slash fish.

  • She sells seashells by the seashore.

  • Yes, like many other smart people, John's brain just works differently or even better than the average person.

  • Turns out there's nothing stupid or wrong with John.

  • He is just different.

  • So he created a YouTube channel, showed the world his superpower and everyone loved it.

  • Hundreds of people watched him, challenged him to say tough words and even speak Chinese backwards.

  • Everyone I talked to couldn't believe that I could do this.

  • They were absolutely mind blowing, and they wondered how I did it.

  • And it really boosted my confidence.

  • He became a celebrity.

  • Nikki Otto will help.

  • Look what I can do, Got on TV, got to travel the world and even became a professional filmmaker.

  • All because he decided to be himself.

  • I never thought so many doors would open up for me.

  • All I ever had to do is just stand up and show the world This is me.

  • John and his superpower showed us that you don't need to fit in with your environment to be accepted.

  • All you need to do is be yourself, even if sometimes you have to be a little bit backwards.

  • Hey, everybody.

  • Thank you so much for watching Nass.

  • Daily Naz means people in Arabic humans and we are on a mission to show you the stories of humans from all around the world.

  • I'm actually very excited about the videos were working on.

  • So please follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you don't miss a video.

  • We think everybody in the world should watch them.

  • Thank you and see you soon.

before you watch this video, make sure to turn on your sound to hear this guy because he can speak backwards.

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The Man Who Sings Backwards

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