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  • This is search history with Dana Carvey.

  • Mhm Stephen Colbert.

  • Height and weight.

  • Um, so 55 to 17 doesn't seem like it to me, but that's what I saw.

  • A lot of my searches are about stocks, as my sons are really into Robin Hood and Wall Street bets.

  • And so I look and check a lot of my stocks, AMC theaters, BlackBerry and, of course, Gamestop.

  • And I thought, I've invested an enormous amount of money and I'm waiting for the Gamma squeeze and I'll let you know that happens.

  • But it's a big part of my life.

  • Um, yes, how to know when your sex appeal is overwhelming people.

  • And so I did a deep dive on that one.

  • Then I clicked on how to tamp it down.

  • I don't know why it spoke to me when you're very attractive and over the age of 60 What What's next was one of my searches.

  • Um, I don't know why I went into that.

  • It just sort of spoke to me as well.

  • And I clicked on that, uh And then how tall is Steve Carell?

  • I did a deep dive on that.

  • I guess he's 5 10 I also do a lot of quirky searches when I try to learn impressions.

  • I was searching.

  • I search a lot of Joe Biden.

  • I'm still trying to figure out a way to do Joe Biden.

  • So I searched things he said, and his background and stuff like that.

  • Hey, folks, this is Joe Biden.

  • I'm not making this up.

  • I'm not kidding around here.

  • No joke, no joke.

  • Come on now, Dana Carvey's got a podcast.

  • Calls it fantastic.

  • Not kidding around.

  • Not kidding around folks.

  • No joke here.

  • Yes, um, I do look up how to find my podcast because I'm not really technical.

  • People say, Have you heard it?

  • Not really.

  • So I look up where it is and it goes.

  • Holy tomatoes.

  • It's on Spotify and iTunes and it's on YouTube and I'm like, Man, that's amazing.

  • And we are now up to 138 official listeners.

  • So many, uh, advertisers are listening in tonight.

  • Uh, you know, we are open for a business we are ready to read.

  • Adds to our 138 the wicked 1 38.

  • So it's very, very exciting.

  • And, um, as my friend Barack Obama would say it was a kind of a frequent guest on the podcast.

  • It's a good stuff.

  • That's a good show.

  • Michelle and I love listening to Dana Carvey's podcast because Dana Carvey's podcast is a lot of fun.

  • I'm not going on a lot.

  • We do a lot of things.

  • That's the way we do it.

  • Mhm, yeah, mhm, Mhm, mhm.

This is search history with Dana Carvey.

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Search History with Dana Carvey

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/25
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